What's the worst app that you are still using?

(Valeri) #1

On a daily basis probably most Monzonauts use quite a wide variety of apps. I am wondering what is the the stickiest bad app and why?

Kicking off the conversation, for me that is Vitality’s app - I really like the idea to get rewarded for being active and thus being encouraged to get off my lazy dev ass and go out a bit, however the app has pretty much the poorest implementation ever - constant problems with login, syncing, crashing, etc, etc. User experience is abysmal. In my view it could be in a text book of don't do thats`. Obviously I still want my free coffee and cinema ticket, so I am still trying to open it whenever I can, but it is a pain…


Facebook :rofl:… Worst in so many different ways and one Discourse app is also one of worst on my phone.

(Patrick) #3

Apcoa Parking - it’s bad.

(Caspar) #4

Patient Access, an app my GP surgery (and many others) use. It’s great in that it lets me book appointments and order repeat prescriptions whenever I need to (I’ve got a chronic health condition so often order stuff as I realise I’ve run out) so I rarely need to go in or call my GP surgery, but it’s just a web wrapper around a very basic website. They could add so many really useful features if they tried.


I know we are meant to be polite about Monzo’s competitors, but honesty is important too. Tandem’s app has been the worst app on my phone for a long time. I keep it there in the hope that it will one day turn into a butterfly. :butterfly:


Game of War. Pay to win, used to be horrendously addicted. Know people that have sunk hundreds of thousands into what is, in essence, a game.


National Rail. I’m fairly sure it hasn’t been updated for when iPhones brought out a larger screen size (iPhone 5?)

(Liam Oxborough) #8

HSBC, I hate that app, how they get away with such a rubbish app I’ll never know. Thankfully I’ll not have to use it much more now I’ve changed over to monzo :grinning:.

(Patrick) #9

Yeah, I have the patient access app. It’s terrible. I remember when they first gave me my login details the info sheet said there would be loads of apps to choose from!

But that one and an official NHS one that never materialised were the only options!

I use this: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=echo.co.uk for my prescriptions now though. It’s only fault is that it doesn’t take into account how often I forget to take my medication! So it starts telling me I’ve run out when I’ve got loads left! :slight_smile:

(I also got 5 duplicate emails off them the other day, but apart from that it’s good)

(Martin Jones) #10

Very unpopular opinion here. I find pretty much most android apps clunky and visually unappealing. Came from a Windows phone when it died. Miss the smoothness of the transitions and the heavy use of typography to make things look crisp and clear. But the worst of the worst in my collection of applications is eylog. It’s an app my child’s nursery use to communicate with parents. It’s nice to have but it’s so slow. It’s built on the old ‘blur and shading looks cool’ philosophy so it looks dated. Everything is rounded as well, honestly don’t understand some choices.


my GP text me about “myGP” yesterday, its useless and all the buttons link to the patient services website…

my sticky apps are games. I’ve been doing magic Jigsaw a lot lately


I know that app… it is very bad.

I’ve been using this for prescriptions, very handy.


Apple Mail on iOS and Mac. That is definitely the worst mail client I’ve ever used, too bad there isn’t any other decent alternative (Outlook is too big and expensive for what it is, given I’d have no use for all the other Office apps that come with it).

(Caspar) #14

I got the MyGP text too and have no idea what it’s for. The appointments section has the same dates available as Patient Access, and the prescriptions section bounces you back to Patient Access too.

I just tried to load it and it asked me to enter a PIN. I don’t remember setting one up when I installed it, and the usual one I use isn’t working, so I guess that’s the end of me keeping that app on my phone :man_shrugging:

(Caspar) #15

Outlook on iOS is brilliant, it’s my main email client now for all my accounts. I use it on my Mac too because I have a 365 subscription so it was included with that. I don’t mind Apple’s Mail though, it does what it needs to.

(Valeri) #16

Yeah, have no issues with it whatsoever (older versions did have annoying sync issues, thankfully resolved in iOS11). Does the job, but it is very basic. Thankfully there are hundreds of mail apps out there trying to attract the power users.


It’s great to see that this thread is not too busy. Just shows that people do stop using crap apps. Great omen for Monzo. myGP is pretty poor, but better than nothing. I imagine they’ll invest in it if people sign up at scale. I tried to use it for an appointment the other day and it didn’t tell me it had skipped a week. Turned up a week early, only to be told I wasn’t the first that day to do the same!


Outlook on the mac is such a resource and bandwidth hog though.

(Caspar) #19

The newest versions seem fine. I use it on a pretty hefty iMac at home and it doesn’t cause an issue. On laptops I just use webmail as I don’t like to have big apps running in the background all the time.


I’m using it on a macbook pro, but I kill it when I don’t actively need it.