Fireworks Petition

It’s in General Chat. I mean, where else should it go?

It doesn’t need to be in here at all. There are far more worthy petitions than this doing the rounds every day, “general chat” is a lovely cross section of interesting topics but banning fireworks, for most people, is on the batty end of authoritarianism.


Sorry Andrew, but you are out of order. I am neither batty or authoritarian. I am merely putting my view, and have reported your post as abusive. R-

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Only reason I posted it is because in another forum thread it went a bit off topic with people discussing fireworks and general consensus was they weren’t liked. I saw this and thought of those people.

That’s your opinion, one that you are fully entitled too. I used to love fireworks as a kid and to be honest I still do and maybe it’s me getting older and being grumpy but I think they should be restricted to venues and events.

If nothing else, I have inadvertently created a debate which I have enjoyed reading due to thought provoking views of various people.

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Ditto. R-

The topic of banning fireworks was described as batty and authoritarian. How have you managed to take that personally?


Might not be the wording I’d use but I don’t think it’s abusive?

Personally I have zero opinion on this… I use firework displays each year but as a kid we used to have them in our garden and I enjoyed that as a family get together.

Plenty of people don’t have access to displays and those that do might not be able to pay some of the extortionate amounts charged.

But ultimately either way it wouldn’t affect me.

As inanimate objects cannot be batty etc… it must be a remark aimed at those arguing for restricting fireworks. R-

An idea or concept, such as banning fireworks could be described as batty though

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I saw it more as the concept of “banning” fireworks was on the batty end of authoritarianism.

Edit: snap!


You can absolutely say an idea is batty. I took it to be that.

Edit: snap and snap to the two above.


Not sure banning is the best way to stop something. More control might be a good idea, the issue isn’t the fireworks it’s the idiots that have no control or common sense, many of them will still get hold of something illegal or not.

My cat doesn’t mind the fireworks he will often watch them if he’s inside, but if he’s out he really doesn’t like them.

I have no issue with this subject being here. If people feel strongly about other subjects and want to share their associated petitions, I have no issue with that happening here too (within limits I guess!).

I do think banning of fireworks altogether (other than organised displays) would be too authoritarian. There should be some access to fireworks to those that wish it. That said, I believe it should be on specific dates ONLY (i.e. Bonfire Night, Diwali, NYE etc) and there should be a strict start/end cut-off applied. Permits issued by the Council perhaps would prevent the “feral youth” from getting access, or those people who abuse the privilege, or at least limit this.

I take this stance as a former cat “owner” (he owned me, in truth) whose lovely moggy became incredibly stressed for weeks at a time because of fireworks being let off. Thankfully he was a housecat and I had some options (putting on loud music, creating a den, even drugs at one point, etc) back then, but even so, it was an awful time for an elderly cat to go through and it’s a surprise he lasted as long as he did. Where I live now is like Beirut from mid-October onwards so I’m wary of getting another cat and having the same problem.


Banning fireworks is inarguably authoritarian. Having the opinion that banning fireworks is batty is also a legitimate point of view. Feel free to report my “abusive” post though.

I like this viewpoint. It used to annoy me when my child was a baby and after hours of trying to get her to sleep she would finally drift off only for a loud bang to wake her up.

There definitely needs to be some control over it.

It is one more step towards a world in which only the offended have a voice. What about showing some tolerance towards those who want to have some fun with fireworks?


A game for the whole family!


If you are having fun that’s fine. If you are causing injury by placing fireworks in peoples pockets or dropping them through letterboxes, that is not fine. I am not advocating a ban, just restricting the use of them to licensed venues. Surely I can say that without being thought of as batty? R-

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My friends and I usually gather in one of our gardens with a few boxes of fireworks and have fun setting them off (along with most of our neighbours).

I object to your attempt to ban it.

It’s typical of the modern day approach to problems in society, ban it rather than address the social causes - we ban knives, guns, drugs, and maybe soon fireworks, but all it does is stop law abiding people from using such things in legitimate ways. The point that is missed is that the criminal doesn’t actually pay attention to the laws banning them and in many cases especially in gang culture the ban actually gives the criminal flouting it extra kudos.

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And you are allowed to do just that without being thought of as batty. R-