Fintech Rap Battle


That’s 4 minutes I’m not getting back any time soon.


Yeah not really sure why I did that to myself either :pensive:

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I need to sit in a dark, quiet room for a while now


Wow , that’s quite an impressive production.

Copyright/trademark notices incoming…

I’m not sure if the purpose of this was to game the algorithms or something to get more viewers to the channel, go viral or such, make it so poor it gets high shares and engagement, otherwise what a colossal waste of time and effort that was. Not amusing in any way and not even of any quality. I appreciate we all see things differently and that of course includes humour, but I just found it embarrassing.

The comments here are enough that I won’t even bother with the click.


Even if it was meant to be some silly April Fools nonsense I wouldn’t bother tbh. Missed whatever mark it was aiming for spectacularly.

I’ve just died inside

I’m just surprised they got this many people to humiliate themselves

To be able to rap properly is an amazing talent and I really enjoy listening to it when done well.

This was erm… not good… :grimacing: and was really cringey. You can tell that they really struggled to connect some/most sentences together.

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Here’s an idea :bulb:

We all voice our opinions, on camera, regarding a typical days posts - including visual levels of cringe, frustration, disbelief and ‘I told you so’ and edit them together into single stream.

That would be worth watching :movie_camera:


You want 20 mins of me just sighing into a camera, interspersed with the occasional tut?

Wow that comment on the video

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Various usernames used to comment on the vid are funnier than the vid :laughing:


The fact that every video including this one had comments turned off until an hour ago when suddenly this one was switched on and some dubious accounts quickly commented how good it was is not at all suspicious.

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Why did I not listen to the warnings…


Because you are human and humans have inquiring minds

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It’s like telling a kid not to do something. You know they’re going to do it anyway

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Heya everyone, thought I would weigh in here, as I’m the guys who created this… few replies to above…

Always had comments turned off on all our videos… the YT comment section is horrible and any video about banks will get comments from trolls/bots like “My ears are bleeding more than a real woman’s time of the month. You will never be a real woman Fintech.” … so usually have comments turned off. A Friend (and ex Monzo engineer) recommended turning them for this… and my team commented away… even after telling them not to respond, but what you doing to do!

Will leave comments on on this video!

HUGE amount of time and effort went into this, with some of my team doing literally multiple all nighters of key-framing framing some shots, and immensely proud of the effort and attention to detail put in (LOTS of easter eggs… even a Banky McBankface reference)

Did a lot of testing with reactions from various people in & out of the fintech space when deciding which versions of shots to use - very glad we did as allow us to change some parts (and spot the stray copyrighted image that we didn’t have a license accounted for… (BTS - the Llama shot was originally Paul with his Alpacas!)

Everyone in it was asked back in December when we started writing for input, and had a lot of off the record references put forward to include. Similarly every bank featured was asked waaaaay before it went live if they wanted to preview it - slightly gutted that despite reading the emails multiple times (mailtrack!) we had no response from Monzo’s marketing and PR teams, especially as a long time Monzo fan (User no 4figs, Crowdfunder, Beta User etc)

Obviously it won’t be to everyone’s taste (if it were life would be bloody boring!) but super pleased with the result an overall reaction, and couldn’t be prouder of my team.