Building the bank of the future with Monzo, N26, and Revolut: Panel at TechCrunch Disrupt 📺

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TechCrunch managed to put together a panel discussion, consisting of the CEOs of Monzo, Revolut & N26 yesterday. You can probably guess how that went :sweat_smile:

Alternative link (with ads).


One of the most awkward looking chat programmes that I have ever watched :scream:

7:44 “Do you even like each other?” :joy:

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Oh god I’m biting my knuckles off here

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I thought it was great :grinning:


Loved how Revolut looked totally disinterested throughout and then pitched to the crowd at the end about getting a card.

No such PR stunt from N26 or Monzo.


Gosh that was sooo much fun to watch compared to the usual challenger shpiel. Thanks @tom for going all that way to give us this absolute gem! :smile:

Having seen the Paris fintech forum videos from a couple of years ago I thought Tom and Valentin were arch enemies, but it seems they are now best mates united against Nikolay. He does look and sound a lot like Gru from Despicable Me so the super villain character does suit him.

Hats off to Nikolay though, although you might argue it is awkwardness and weak comms, he does come across to me as too cool for school in this video. Answering serious questions that might require a 5 minute answer with a “Yea.” :sunglasses:

My personal views on their strategies aside - this was a fantastic confrontation and I’d love to hear more of them in future :heart_eyes:

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