Stumbled across this today, yet another foreign bank heading to these shores… this time from Russia!

Anyone think they’ll be a success?


Like the name but no fscs that I noticed and I’m a bit suspicious of Russian technology in the current climate




I tried to find a Donald Trump emoji without success :wink:


:jack_o_lantern: is close

Not just the Trump thing, I reserve judgement until more evidence either way, it’s the bots and hacking and state intervention in business. Might be totally unjustified but doesn’t sit easy with me

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Could we keep this on topic please. As per the Code of Conduct, we prefer to steer clear of overly political posts.

I’m afraid if this thread continues in its current direction, it will be locked.

Edit: I have now removed the off topic posts


I should have known when I made the original post how it would turn out

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How do you remove the politics when it’s kind of linked to how the product is perceived? Ok so maybe not the gifs (awesome as they were)

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Can you link to this, please? On scanning quickly, I cannot see a mention of this. Very happy to be corrected though :slightly_smiling_face:

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I apologise - that isn’t explicitly mentioned. Thanks for making me aware - I will get that corrected :).


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are mentioned as things we try to avoid.

I would also like to draw your attention to:

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Perfect, thanks Hugh :pray:

My fun has been had, I shall resume normal duty.