Tom on stage at the AWS Summit

(Russell Macdonald) #1

Great to see this. About time we busted the myths about #fintech and cloud.

(Mally Mclane) #2

And here I am, a new user on the back of that great presentation :slight_smile:

App looks great, product looks sound. Shame I look to have quite a wait to get it :frowning:

(Stu jordan) #3

Ditto! :slight_smile: great to see your enthusiasm on stage Tom

(Bailey Kursar) #4

Welcome @Mallymclane and @Stu_mondo! :heart_eyes:

Hope you enjoyed the summit, we had a blast!

(Russell Macdonald) #5

Welcome aboard both. I imagine the 100 cards they brought with them didn’t last long!

(Bailey Kursar) #6

Err, no. They didn’t :wink:

(Frank) #7

Will there be a recording of this shared?

(Russell Macdonald) #8

There’s a short clip on the Mondo Facebook page and Twitter


It’s on :mondo:'s YouTube channel