Financial Inclusion and the Information and communication technologies

Dear Monzo community,
My name is Daniel Stefan, and I am a Master student at University of Sheffield (studying Information Systems MSc) and currently doing a research (my dissertation)about using Information and Communication technologies(ICT) to enable disadvantaged people to have access to financial services (financial inclusion).

The topic of this research is about information and communication technologies (ICT : financial/banking applications) and its aim is to find out(investigate) how ICTs can help to alleviate financial exclusion issues among immigrant communities. This study could have a social impact and could help decision makers (banking industry) how to better understand immigrants communities in the UK in order to offer them better financial services or to address personalised solutions for their needs. (addressing potential financial exclusion among immigrant communities).

I will highly appreciate if I could answer to an online questionnaire (5 minutes) that have been ethical approved by the University of Sheffield and is totally anonymised.

The link for the questionnaire is:

Thank you very much for your support.
I will also highly appreciate if I could conduct a maximum 30 minutes interview (face to face or online via Skype) with one of your key managers whom will be able to give me more details about your fintech products and about the way you address the UK financial inclusion using ICTs.

Thank you.
For more details please feel free to contact me :

Kins regards,
Daniel Stefan

Hi :wave:

I’ve moved your post to the correct category and I also wasn’t sure why there were so many tags, such as: Monzo Stickers, Idea, Pride etc so I removed those too as they’re not relevant to this topic. I hope this is ok? It just helps keep the place tidy and allows people to find relevant topics when they search as they’re tagged and categorised appropriately :slight_smile:

Some feedback if I may…

A lot of people create accounts and ask people on here to fill in surveys. They generally don’t get many responses but what does help is when you get a little more involved in the community. A good place to start would be introducing yourself in the below topic.

Good luck!

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Hi. I am Daniel Stefan and I am studying a Master in Information Systems at University of Sheffield,UK. I am doing a research about how Information and communication technologies could help disadvantaged people to access financial services.
I need some help from the community (users of financial technologies like Monzo) to answer short(5min) questionnaire ( ) and I need also some help from providers (like Monzo managers) to conduct a short interview (challenges about products, opinions etc). Unfortunately , nobody from Monzo company was able to help me…no answer from them.
So if the community could help me, by answering my questionnaire it will be a huge help. Alternative I will be really grateful if someone could recommend me a manager able to do this short interview.

Thank you indeed.

My name is Daniel Stefan.
Sorry for the inconvenience, but I didn’t know where to post my message (it wasn’t a spam or whatever). Thank you for moving it to the right section.

I would be more than happy to be more involved in the community and I would appreciate your help as well, with what I need. What I have asked , it was from the perspective of a potential user and of a researcher who wants to help people by conducting this research.
Thank you


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These events may be great for you

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Thank you very much @kolok .Actually I think it will be real help. I am still looking for someone to do a real interview for 30min…probably I will be able to find at this event. Thanks

Thank you @danbeddows .Most appreciated. I will try to contact/approach her tomorrow ,but I am afraid I will be interpreted like a spam :slight_smile:

Good Morning guys.
I would appreciate 5min from your time, to answer to my simple questionnaire for my research. Only 1 respondent so far :slightly_frowning_face: . Thank you so much.

Thank you.

To be fair quite a few surveys get posted here by uni students.

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Hi.Because students are doing their research with a purpose, an academic one; and it is really hard to get data from; we are not paid to do this …we are paying for uni and masters etc…I am doing this questionnaires and I have posted them on Facebook as well on many many groups…with only few replies…it us not so easy to get data…and some communities like this one, are relevant…direct competitors of Monzo are Monese, Starling Bank, N26, Triodos and maybe Metro Bank…all chalenger banks…plus traditional banks…but they dont have such blogs…if I post an add on surveymonkey…I am allowed only for 10 free questions…then you have to pay…anyway…
Me actually…I have done few… questionnaires; I mean if i really can help, why not?! instead of wasting 5-10m reading a fake news or whatever, I now I will do something would help…and probably in further research will make some differences

Myself and a few others have given you advice on what to do in order to encourage people to fill in your survey. You don’t appear to have done any of these.

I’d suggest that you refrain from bumping your topic everyday too, as that will likely cause you to be flagged for spam.

Essentially, you’re a stranger to us all and you’re asking for our personal information - earn our trust and get involved with the community, then you’ll find people will be happy to help :slight_smile:

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@Ordog Thank you for moving my add in the correct category yesterday. But I have done everything that you and other people suggested me. I have introduced myself, I have modified the add and title how did suggest another person…and I will attend some event for 6th and 13th of August…I appreciate all your help. If my comments were i inappropriate then pls excuse me, I wont do them…And regarding thr questionnaire, I won’t havr none of your personal details…no name…no email ,no ip…nothing will be stored…and in the questionnaire on the beginning it is writen the ethical approval and everything.Thank you.

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Thank you will do so. But trust you can’t build it overnight…i will try to be as helpful as I can…this research is due at the end of August, its urgent thats why I have insisted…I havent been allowed to start data collection till I get the ethical approval…I won’t post anymore regarding my topic. Thanks for advises

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