Filter payments in and out

Not sure if I’m missing something but as a self employed person it would be unbelievably useful if I could filter payments in and out. Most banks have that and I can’t find it on Monzo.

I don’t think this is possible in the app at the moment. I agree it would be useful. I think the closest you can get in the app at the moment is to use the summary and go to the income section to see a list of income transactions.

You can also export transactions to csv file and do your filtering using spreadsheet software.

Are you sure? I have accounts with four other banks. Only one has this function via online banking (website) and only one has it via its mobile app.

Every bank I’ve been with has a filter. Even Triodos has a filter. I don’t understand why it’s seen as complicated so maybe I’ve been misunderstood. All I want to do is look at my account and get rid of all the payments out so all I can see is payments in, and vice versa. You really don’t think that’s possible? I find that odd.

For payments in, you can see them in Summary (in the personal account, in any case).

But, as you are self employed, it might be different in your business account.

I’m not saying it’s complicated. I’m saying I don’t think Monzo has this feature and I don’t think most (more than 50%) of the other banks I’ve used have this feature. HSBC doesn’t have it. TSB doesn’t have it. Nationwide has it online but not in app. Santander has it in app but not online.

It’s easy if you export the transactions

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Ah ok, then I have missed something. I’ve been looking for that for ages. Thanks.

It does have the option after all but thanks for your replies. I did also have it on HSBC incase you would like to use the function but I can’t remember how to select it as it was a couple of years ago.

And Santander. There are three tabs at the top of the feed, All, In, and Out.

The income portion of summary (also noted in initial reply) isn’t quite what I’d refer to as full filter filter functionality. But if all you need is to see income transactions in a single list than it should suffice. If you want a full filter function that also allows viewing all outgoing transactions in a single list don’t forget to vote on your own idea.

If HSBC have it, they sure do hide it well!

Yes, noted earlier!

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Yes that’s true. It’s not a full filter option but just a list is fine with me. A more detailed filter would be useful still.

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Did you say, maybe in the other thread, that you pay for Plus (or Premium)?

If so, the Google Sheets export might help you. @Revels has built a rather brilliant dashboard which does the filtering for you. And you could adapt it to your own specific needs, if necessary. Search the forum for it, if you want to have a look.

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Yes I have plus. Thanks a lot. I’ll have a look into it.

I’d be very careful using your personal account for business. There are lots of stories on here of their accounts being suddenly frozen as a result and usually at the most inconvenient time.

It’s quick and free to open a Monzo business account so I’d recommend this to avoid potentially losing access to your money for several weeks.

I get you’re trying to help and thank you for wanting to care but please stick to the relevant information given, otherwise you fabricate new information without a whole picture in order to feel a reward of giving unsolicited advice to people. I have a business account, it’s just not with Monzo. I would still like to pay tax from a personal Monzo pot which means transferring from my business account and I’d like to filter those transfers. I won’t answer questions of why because it’s nobodies business. I have spoken to Monzo about this already. It’s for my own personal reasons of choice that are not illegal or not breaching terms and conditions and it’s not particularly interesting. I’m annoyed that I’ve even given that much of an explanation to complete strangers. I’m just saying this because you’re the second person today that has told me to open a Monzo business account when it’s side tracking from my original question. However, They were more irritating and forward about it so thanks for being cool.

Not you Anarchist. I’ve actually found you very helpful and your communication style is excellent.

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No worries :slight_smile: It’s because we see the consequences on here when people post how their business and livelihood are effected as a result.

I wouldn’t want to wish it on my worst enemy.

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I appreciate that :slightly_smiling_face: thanks

You can’t really blame anyone for not knowing this.


Now that I do know, apart from the Sheets export, which would be quite easy to set up if you are reasonably confident (or willing to learn) with spreadsheets, if the transactions you want to filter are coming from the same account every time, then you can just search for them in app (might only be an iOS thing, though).