Can you not send advertising push notifications to my mobile?

Especially when I can’t opt out.

Poor show monzo

Which notifications are upsetting you?

Something about upgrading my card to a new metal one.

Have you got marketing spam turned off here?

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Where are you seeing this. When I go to notifications on the device I don’t see any options for the above?

It’s in the app settings, not device settings.

Ah, well the help section needs improved. “Changing what notifications you see” suggests going to the device settings.

That doesn’t prevent it, according to the other thread

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The article I’m seeing doesn’t :confused:

It’s a different article, but the title is definitely misleading.

Ahh you’re on iOS - I can’t find that on Android. Might just be me though.

Certainly needs updating either way, but if you follow the steps in the one I posted you should be able to turn them off :slight_smile:

The trouble is you can do it via both, which the help article isn’t very clear about.

iOS lets you decide the type of notification. Monzo lets you change what they notify you about :exploding_head:

Cheers, it doesn’t look like this will solve the original problem of marketing notifications sadly. News and Updates, and Lending promotions didn’t seem to cover “sending advertisements for premium products” as @ndrw said.

What about this…

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Oh that’s a new one - I’ll be turning that off

Your a star. My next question, why the heck isn’t this in push notifications settings along with all the other toggles?

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So you’re less likely to see it and turn it off :upside_down_face:


I went looking to see what the help said about notifications, got the same answer you did about iOS settings and then saw this option too.

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Haha yeah it was rhetorical but I hate dark patterns like this…