Feedback: Joint Account testing

Where’s my test-flight email at? :smiley:

I think @anon4562461 has a burning question…



I got into the testing group but its not live yet is it?

I think it’s a slow rollout to the 200 users.

No problem! Glad it was sorted :raised_hands:

(Also, although it is my job to know all the bugs :bowing_man: a delete and reinstall is always the first step to rule out any session corruption or the like! :sweat_smile:)


Are we any closer to an answer on this?


I feel like I know the answer to this already but don’t want to assume.

Once JA finally launch will you be able to have more than one JA or will you need to close one before you can open one with a different person?

(Basically, can I have a JA with Person X and another with Person Y?)

Really looking forward to getting to try Monzo joint accounts. I didn’t know about the sign-up for testing on Twitter which is a shame but by the sounds of it we won’t be waiting long for a full roll out.

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Given staff testing started last week and UAT this week, probably (edit: hopefully) beginning of July?

Does the current version that the 100 testers are using include the signup flow?

Yes. At least it did for me.


Android testing open, go go go!

Check out @MakingMonzo’s Tweet:

Direct link:

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Impatiently waiting for my URL :smiley:

Has anybody has theirs yet?

Received my card today - first reaction: it should be a different colour! I now have two nearly identical hot coral cards in my wallet! As joint accounts are only available to those with personal accounts, I suspect most people would appreciate being able to immediately distinguish between them.

EDIT: This is particularly annoying in the Apple wallet, where I can’t just glance at which has the more recent expiry date.

Do you mean the invite email

Yeah the TestFlight email ?

Yeah still waiting patiently too. I know it will be here ‘soon’ :wink:

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Don’t suppose you could show us a side by side? (with the details blocked out obv)

Oh dear, I doubt this is something that they can change at this stage either. :sweat:

I imagine this button is supposed to have some writing in it? image