Feed improvements

Love Monzo but of course have some suggestions, mainly regarding the transactions feed:

• I frequently have multiple purchases from the same merchant on one day. It’d be great to have the option to have these condensed in to one line and have a drop down function if I wish to see the breakdown.
• I’d like the option of removing coin jar deposits/withdrawals from my feed.
• I’d still love to have the ability to attach PDFs and other file types as receipts.

Any more ideas folks?

It’s probably worth breaking these ideas into multiple threads as they can be individually voted on. Having said that some of it already exists:

I recall this being discussed on the “new nav” threads but can’t find a ‘Feedback & Ideas’ thread for it. Probably worth changing this thread to reflect just this one idea.

Discussed here .

Here’s your original thread on the matter and the thread you were referred to at the time neither has any votes probably due to the age so probably worth gathering support on one of those.

Yeah i remember seeing this mentioned before also and it was quite popular.

The person even did some nice mockups that looked great

Edit: sorry to keep @ ing you in edited posts @Peter_G but if i remember correctly was this an item on one of your last poll posts? :thinking:

This idea has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:


Not that I remember… (But I’ve been wrong before).

Got it… Had to trek through my comment history but got it in the end.

Such kind words about my dodgy UI mockups <3

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