Consolidation of multiple payments in a day to one provider in summary screen

So I found myself in a scenario yesterday, but definitely not for the first time, where I took the little one to a soft play place.

Whilst there I ended up buying multiple drinks which all log as individual transactions and clog up the summary screen for my card. I propose the possibility of a switchable option to collapse multiple payments to the same entity into one on the summary screen, thus displaying your total spend there for that day, and then perhaps they expand when tapped upon to see the individual payments.

So for example this:

Could become:


Then when clicked expands to show the individual payments making up the total:

Please forgive the crude UI edits, I am a mere back end developer :smiley:

Yes! I was sure I’d seen someone suggest this before but can’t find it so have voted for this because, YES!

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Agreed. I’d also like a similar UI for when you have many pending transactions (such as payday). Sometimes I can’t see my most recent transaction without scrolling because I have so many due to come out the following work day.


It was mentioned here, by @MatSween (who has a :cake: day today :partying_face:)

But this topic has more votes than that one :man_shrugging:, so I’ve voted here too :+1:


Gets my vote also :slight_smile:

Looks good!

I mean why not, this is rarely an issue for me and I can’t remember it ever causing me a problem but looks good

Absolutely a vote from me, would be useful to see a total of how much I spent at the pub!


Just thought of a really good use case similar for myself.

Nights out, would be good to see a full total of how much you spent in the bar that night at a glance

EDIT: @liamsh good minds think alike lol


Same here! Though not sure which I dread more, scrolling through an entire screen of transactions at the pub, or seeing the total number. Either way it’s an “Uh-oh”!


This is the advantage of the traditional pub crawl. One drink in each pub means no big bar bills. :beer:

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Perhaps the solution then would be having the configurable aspect of the suggestion at a transaction level, so you can amalgamate transaction to the same provider on a certain day by hitting a switch in the transaction details.

That way you could drink all night and never know the total without enabling it!

Drinking all night and the increasing ability to not know stuff go hand-in-hand with me. No need for app control there… :beer::scream:


This is a good idea I like to see this

This idea is similar to, but not the same as this thread: Ability to group or hide transfers to/from pots

Be brilliant for nights out in a pub as well!

If you could group or have the all traction from one place be together it would look better in the home screen if the app and be less confusing.

You can kinda already achieve this in search.

Search doesn’t provide the total spend of its findings.

Also missing the point of the suggestion.


It’s possible it odes not on Android, but I see the total on the bottom on iOS

The point was providing a method of getting the info you want until such a time the feature is implemented in the transaction feed.

I don’t think it’s necessarily about data and more about tidiness.