Feature request on Mobile App: Current Funds Line Chart

Could you bring back the line chart with current funds, either as it was or in an improved manner?
It sounds to me a very natural way of visualising what’s going on with my spending.

They’ve already said that they’re not bringing the graph back for a variety of reasons.

However, they are going to look at a way of showing your previous balance when scrolling through your feed :slight_smile:

The graph is back, in the US version there is a “budgets” section which has it in.

UK users can access it via a deeplink

For now…

They’ve said it’s for US only because the majority get paid weekly or something like that. They reiterated again in that post that it isn’t coming for UK accounts.

Payday interval has very little to do with a graph. :man_facepalming:

Not sure why you’re arguing the point with me when I’m just the messenger :man_shrugging:

It would have been politer to ask if too if you were unsure as the below will now support what I’ve said.

Which seems crazy to me. If you’ve built it, why not release for both US and UK?

Yeah I can agree with that to a certain extent but I am bias :smiley: I found it completely useless and agree that the things people did find useful can be done in a better way.

I think there is a topic for this already though, let’s not ruin this one and scare off the OP :sweat_smile:

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