Faster Payment 'Declined'

Just had an odd one…

Tying up a loose end, I got a bill from my now cancelled First Direct card for an interest payment (that they’d promised I wouldn’t have to pay, but that’s one for the ‘things legacy banks do that I hate’ thread).

Got the details to transfer money, typed it in… and the FP immediately came back ‘declined’.

I wasn’t even aware a faster payment could be declined (other than the obvious of getting the wrong account number). Even the monzo icon on the notification was ‘?!’ which tells me they weren’t expecting it either :stuck_out_tongue:

Does monzo get anything other than that back? It’d be good to know what the problem was…


have you contacted customer service? maybe they can shed some light on it for you.

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It’s 11pm on a weekend :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll make some space on Monday…


There are quite a few surprising reasons why a Faster Payment might be declined by the receiving bank. We haven’t yet written in the same decline reason reporting that you get with card payments but current account support can dig out the reason. :+1:

You can message through the current account app whenever you’d like, even if we may not have an answer until Monday!


There was scheduled maintenace on the faster payment system last night from 11pm till 7am this morning I believe, I sent one at 11:01 and it was queued at Nationwide for them to process I assume FD / HSBC is to reject them

There is no announcement of this on the FPS website so assume that the scheduled maintenance was at Lloyds Bank on their Faster Payments systems and was NOT maintenance on the Faster Payments Scheme network so only Lloyds customers were effected?

I had a notification in the app from Nationwide about the downtime as well so Nationwide customers where also affected, as my transfer to my nationwide account was sent any 1101 and cleared and 703am this morning.

So this didn’t just affect Lloyds customers I’m afraid…


It was just the grammar Lloyds used implied it was just their Group. If it had been the whole FPS network FPS you would have expected them to post an announcement on their site.

Nationwide is part of the Lloyds banking empire…

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No it’s not it’s a mutual building society, not owned by any banking group

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Nationwide BS owns Cheshire BS, Derbyshire BS, Dunfermline BS

Halifax is the one that is part of the Lloyds Bank/Bank of Scotland empire along with Birmingham Midshires and Cheltenham and Gloucester

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As a follow up to this, Monzo got back and told me with that the rejection code as ‘Account closed’.

Which is entirely correct, as the credit card account should be closed and first direct have written to me confirming such.
However they’ve also written to me (the day after) with a bill for interest, that needs to be paid into that account…

An interesting catch 22. That’ll be fun to sort out with them…


Good luck with that!

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