Bank transfer to my Monzo account declined

Hi all,

Yesterday my girlfriend went to transfer some money to me by using my account details and sending as a bank transfer.

When she went to send however, a message popped up saying that The recipient (me) does not currently accept payments through the faster payment service.

In the end she just used my, but I thought Monzo was signed up with faster payments? Copy of the message:


Monzo is not only able to send and accept Faster Payments but is a full direct participant at the very heart of the system. There should be no problems, so it is an issue with their banks internal systems.


Which bank is it? If you let Monzo know through the in-app help section, they can look into it, there’s a team who are working on acceptance issues.


Yeah I thought as much, I did try explaining this to her but it still didn’t manage to get through! The bank was Halifax

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I’ve done Halifax to Monzo transfers plenty of times. How strange.

Were the account details entered correctly? The Monzo sort code is 04-00-04.

Seems obvious, but it has been known in the past.


I’ve a feeling you’re trying to use the sort code 40-00-04 which is not ours and doesn’t accept Faster Payments :see_no_evil:

Please check the sort code is 04-00-04

40-00-04 Sort Code Checker



If only you could steal the 400004 sort code… got to love the mirrored nature!

I have previously tried to send from Hfx and put in the 40 sortcode instead of the 04… it’s very easily done!!