FAQ (Simplified)


Here’s a first pass at a FAQ

  1. Can I keep my prepaid card once the current account has launched.
    NO, but the Current Account can be used in exactly the same way but with greater card acceptance

  2. Are you sure? I really like it.

  3. While I’m waiting for the current account card, can I keep using the pre-paid card?
    YES, the transition to the current account happens when you activate the card after receiving it in the post, as described on https://monzo.com/blog/2017/10/10/current-accounts-are-coming/

  4. Can we have some sort of saving goals?
    It’s been discussed ad nauseum, it’s on the roadmap

  5. Can we have a joint account?
    The functionality is planned

  6. Please can I keep my prepaid card?

  7. Can I get a golden ticket?

  8. I am going on holiday next week can I get my card tomorrow as I saw on MSE that you give free cash machine withdrawals and I didn’t plan in advance to be so cheap?
    NO NO NO

  9. Will I need to get a new card once I switch over to the current account?
    YES if you are on prepaid. Optional if you are on the Current Account Preview

  10. Can I keep withdrawing money from non-UK ATMs for “free”? I got the Monzo as a currency card you see…
    NO it costs too much

  11. Can I keep using my card in overseas shops, restaurants, bars, websites, etc. for “free”? I like to travel/order online from other countries.
    YES your money will be converted at the MasterCard base rate

  12. What about all my purchase history in my prepaid app?
    That will be merged over to the CA

  13. I think Apple Pay/Android Pay is a great idea. Will you add it?
    Android Pay is here. Apple Pay is coming.

  14. Why can’t Monzo have both prepaid and Current Account?

  1. I recently signed up and the queue doesn’t appear to be getting any shorter.
    Investors and those with the prepaid card are being given priority for the current account. Once they have all had a chance to sign up the queue will begin moving again

  2. …But I have a golden ticket
    Golden tickets were related to the prepaid card and are no longer in use

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Keeping prepaid card for those who want both
New signups to current account queue
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(Henry Pedro) #2

i guess its a starting point.


Only if you are on the prepaid. Current Account preview cards will continue to work. Just to clear up any confusion.

(Hugh) #6

Not correct. All CA preview cards will need to be replaced in the near future when the full CA launches :slight_smile:


Wrong. Richard R says it’s not compulsory but you can if you want :wink:

(Hugh) #8

Oooh okay :stuck_out_tongue: That’s changed then!

Does that apply to 1st Gen as well?


Yup, even first gen will be fine. You will be able to apply for a new card if you want. But not compulsory.

(Andrew Schofield) #10

Yeah @tristan confirmed this in the dev slack channel yesterday too. https://monzodevelopers.slack.com/archives/C0XALTCUX/p1507630676000350

(Drew sanders) #11

That’s confused me! I thought all of preview cards were being replaced.

(Hugh) #12

Ah cool. It was in the blog that you would have to get a new card but obviously that’s changed :slight_smile:


(Andrew Schofield) #14

Only for existing PP customers. If you’re on the preview it isn’t explicitly stated in the blog (hence the multiple queries about this in the dev slack channel)


First post is now a wiki, you can add it! (Thanks @HoddzDJ)

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #17

Lets delete all our old posts then

(Joshua Dawson) #18

I think there’s a degree of confusion from people who think when their prepaid becomes a CA, everything changes.

It’s going to be like the prepaid, but on steroids

(Hugh) #19

The debit card you receive initially with the current account will need to be replaced at some point later this year with an updated version.

(Nb: for those reading, this statement is not correct anymore)

(Andrew Schofield) #20

Yes, that has been superseded by the new blog entry.

(Joshua Dawson) #22

I added an Apple Pay question. Seem to read that a lot

(Hugh) #23

Sure, but a lot us early people signed up based on that blog so it’s not unreasonable for people to be confused, as it has been stated explicitly before.


Yep, I was harbouring the same misunderstanding as Hugh

Although I want my investor card… but the first pass cards may not get charged at charging ATMs. Difficult choice.