Will the current account debit account have the same benefits when abroad as the prepaid?

Hi guys,

Will the current account have the same benefits when abroad (0% rates / free withdrawls / mastercard alignment) as the prepaid card?

If so, is there any point at all maintaining the prepaid card once the current account is out of beta and 100% live?

Is the idea to get rid of the prepaid card when this happens or keep both in tandem perhaps using the prepaid card abroad and the current account in the uk and to top up?


Hi there :slight_smile:

The current account does have the same benefits as the pre-paid card (and more!:smiley:)

There’s currently discussion on the ATM withdrawals, here:

I’ve gone from pre-paid to current account and have completely halted use of my pre-paid :slight_smile:
But you can see from the Blog post that the current account isn’t 100% up and running yet, i.e monzo.me isn’t available (yet) but will be coming soon :slight_smile:


The prepaid cards are due to be closed down by December


What will happen to the credit on it?

From what’s been said it will be merged into the Current Account balance. If you don’t take a CA then I guess it will be refunded.

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