Another new fintech. Similar niche as Algbra, but I feel like this one is more in tune with what I value more. Also jumping on the cashback bandwagon, but will donate said cashback to a charity of your choice instead of giving it you.

The cards look rather nice though.

I still feel like the market is very crowded now though, and there’s little to no room for anyone else. Yet I still always get a little excited when a new one pops up. All it takes is a solid hook to solidify their place and justify their existence. Not sure Fana have one, but it is just a waiting list right now.

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The cards look nice for those that collect them


Looks like a nice one for the collection to then be completely forgotten about. Feels like everyone who can scrape together the money is launching one of these nowadays.

Also, seeing the way the signup email ends fills me with confidence for their future:


Oooh they’re gorgeous

I know what you mean, but equally if the product gains enough traction and becomes popular then it could become mainstream. There is always the challenge of launching into a crowded market place.

I love the designs on the cards, it makes me tempted just to give it a go just for the cards.

I think the idea of donating cashback will definitely resonate with some people. I just hope they increase the amount per spend. The illustration of £5 per £500 spent in bills feels a little tight to me. You’d need a lot of people to make a difference to charities.

For me personally it’s whether I would use it, I’ve signed up to a few recently eg Kroo and Algbra but after a while I tend to gravitate back to my main bank.


I think the biggest challenge is the targeted demographic and disposable income.


They do look amazing, I wonder how they’d look like in Apple Pay if they do that one day

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Ooh, I want that just for the Giraffe one, looks very TLOU art style


To me this feels like that Dogs Trust card i saw a while back on here, but hopefully I can choose my charity, want my cashback to go to BHS or similar.

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You’ll get to choose! No idea what the choices will be though.

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Thanks for flagging this! There are so many that come and go it can be hard to keep track!

If for the card alone I’ve signed up, looks gorgeous. I’ll await any further judgement until I see the app though.


These are still going, on the final round now

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I ignored the last survey. Any thought I had for getting the card is gone now. Nothing about it is of interest anymore.


Fana fam


If you’ve already seen (and loved!) our remarkable illustrations,

Weren’t those proven to be stolen/AI?

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We don’t know they were either for certain. We just know they appear to be outsourced.

One of the card concepts was 100% from Fire Watch the game. I don’t think it made it into the final runoffs but it was there before.

It was but I think it was also in that artist’s portfolio. There’s every chance they did the work on fire watch too but retained copyright over their artwork to use/licence to other projects. Or it could just be firewatch licensed their art from the same artist.

There’s too many unknowns to really deduce anything of substance.

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Launch next week for those at top of list with physical cards early next year.

I appear to be #18 so no idea what that means.

I lost interest a while ago, the cards looked cool but cba with the hassle currently. Maybe that might change if they release a truly exceptional design ( that isn’t, potentially, nicked )

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I unsubscribed to their newsletter and forum as soon as I saw their fee plans.

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