Bink Feedback Thread

Has anyone much experience with Bink?

They seem to offer two things:

  • store all loyalty cards in one place to be able to scan them and see points balances
  • add payment cards, so that if a payment is made on a linked card it automatically adds the points.

Not tried it out yet to see how good it is, but got recommended it for the first point above.



I use it, it’s pointless as nothing seems to update and not much is linked.

Does it work for at least keeping your wallet lighter?

I guess so, just things like Nando, Starbucks, Costa, KFC etc don’t auto link so I have the app

Tesco, Nectar, Avios, GBK do link oh and Beefeater

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You can do this with Google Pay and I assume Apple Pay, too.

I’m fairly anti giving Google my transaction history, so other options are welcomed :slight_smile:

You don’t. They give a scannable version of your card on-screen so you don’t have to use the physical version. They get no data.

Even knowing which cards I have is more than they had before. I would prefer to keep my financial life and Google 100% separate :+1:

I’d not heard of Bink before, but it looks a good start!

Barclays really seem to be genuinely engaging with Fintech (Flux is one other example, they were part of the Barclays Accelerator incubation program).


Snagging Megan from Starling will help as well :joy:


They recently bought a big chunk of marketinvoice as well. That business has a disruptive model which could cannibalise Barclays’ margins, so they are taking the bull by the horns by investing and partnering with them.

I can’t help but feel like there’s an elephant in the room though, or should I say unicorns in the room. For the last 5-10 years all the big banks have been dismissive of fintech and now they can’t really afford what they want to buy. That is - Monzo, Revolut and N26.

Instead they are just partnering with tiny little sandbox developers and getting a few headlines, but will millions of people be using Bink in a couple of years time? :thinking:

I guess no one knows what the future holds.

I think 1 or 2 of the FinTechs will survive and carve out a small portion of the pie, but once the legacy banks have most of the big attractions (decent app, instant notifications, 3rd party integrations) etc, it makes the “sell” of a relatively small, quite new “challenger bank”, that much harder.