Finangel - new account offer...?

I know Finangel were mentioned last year but they seem an interesting new kid on the block - now offering a £50 incentive to new card holders when they open an account then top up and spend £50 on a new card. Obviously just an initial marketing offer to encourage sign up but the ability to split bills at partner retailers then pay off in 3 installments interest and fee free is certainly innovative. Is the Fintech marketplace going to be a bit like the energy market though and casualties are inevitable along the way?

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I have just signed up to have a look they won’t send card unless you top up a minimum £10, it is also not clear how you would do the 3 month interest free option, there is a for you in app but it looks like just an add again no real info :wink:

Just took a look.

Appears to be just like the initial Monzo pre-paid card I had, but with a VERY style Take 3 instalment feature.

Personally, I would find this uncomfortable and potentially confusing.

How would you plan for the money to be there each month for each debit, and would it actually help you long term?

I also don’t purchase at any of the Partners featured in the images.

Site states: “Your money is kept according to FCA regulation.”

Of course, that’s not the £85k type protection as it’s a pre-paid card/account.

My tuppence worth anyway :grin:

I got this, put some spend through and got the £50 bonus as a transfer into the account. No quibble at all!

Used card twice after got the £50 so wife’s vans only cost £2 :wink:


Doesn’t look like the split payment part has been launched yet.

I opened the app today to find you can now apply for a “SplitPay” account… says it may take several days so to be approved/declined so I guess their checks are not automated at this point…

Mine took less than an hour to be approved. Yet to use it but will be interested to see how it develops…

Can I get the £50 if I use the card at a different shop (i.e. Ikea)?
EDIT: It looks like the offer expired.

And… they’re ceasing operations, just had a push message.

Same just had the notification come through

I’m sad to see this happen. But £50 handouts and free credit card topups, it hasn’t taken long for these among other things to make it unviable.