FaceID attempts exceeded

I just tried to log into the Monzo app while brushing my teeth and FaceID didn’t like this. After two attempts I got the error “FaceID attempts exceeded” and the app wouldn’t let me log in at all.

I logged out and back in with the magic link, and now the option to use FaceID is completely gone. How can I get it back?

This just doesn’t seem right - if I couldn’t log in with FaceID I don’t deserve any security at all?

You’ll need to contact in app support to get this reset, It’s something I’ve had to do previously. :slight_smile:

I think once so many attempts have been attempted it blocks that method of sign in as a security measure.

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And it reverts back to the default of having no security and just opening the app straightaway? Makes no sense at all

The app doesn’t open straight away does it? You have to log back in again via email which in its self is a security feature.

Using fingerprint/face biometrics with the app is more for privacy rather than security. For example, if you occasionally share your phone with someone. The actual security is from your phone’s use of passcode/biometrics to unlock, the card PIN to transfer money and the email magic links.

You can’t transfer money out of your Monzo account without a PIN - something only you know.

If you want extra privacy I’d consider locking your email app behind a pin/fingerprint too.

A lot of people seem shocked that Monzo doesn’t enforce security to access the app but don’t seem bothered that their email doesn’t do the same. Access to your email is perhaps more concerning but everyone seems content with the security their physical phone provides.

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On the same topic, is it possible to fallback to logging in with pin if Face ID fails twice or something.

All my other apps do this eg nutmeg app.

Apple Face ID is really rubbish, especially when I’m using it in bed at night!

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Not at the moment but it’s something Monzo has been working on for a while.

There’s a few key problems with number passcodes while also allowing offline access. Main ones being: people are likely to choose their card PIN, which would be stored locally. Obviously encrypted but it’s an unnecessary risk.

Last I saw they were looking at patterns or emojis to prevent PIN reuse while also allowing offline access. Although, we’ve not heard much about it for ages so they may just go for a normal been that requires online access to authenticate.

Here’s a blog post about it: https://monzo.com/blog/2018/08/17/pin-lock-update/

Haha looks like I’m stuck to trial and error and moving my phone at various distance away from my face, and risk dropping my phone on my face then :rofl:

I love Face ID! It rarely fails for me - in fact I would say I had more Touch ID failures than Face ID :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s a pity Atom bank haven’t implemented the standard iOS FaceId but layered some weird mask over the top of it