Hi all,

What do people make of this new Faceapp? Have you used it? What do you make of the concerns its stealing our data? I’ve used it and its so accurate its scary. I look like spitting images of my senior family members.

I look like an elderly witch that gravity has a grudge against


What about after the Faceapp?


Love you too :joy:


So did I :joy::joy:

I did the one that makes you look younger and I looked exactly the same, so that was a nice ego boost :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I look great in that one!

I did the gender swap and I look like a country singer who has had a tough life with too much whiskey and Marlboro


True, in a company statement though they did say their servers are run by amazon and facebook. Which i thought was quite interesting. Also they said photos are deleted after 48 hours. People just got uneasy i think because they’re HQ is in russia lol.

There’s the very likely scenario when a company offers them lots of money to have use/access the photos and their current privacy policy allows it.

But at the same time with GDPR being so complicated companies make the consent as broad as possible to avoid future complications.

I also look like a witch.

I’m still attracted to my boyfriend when he’s old so that’s nice to know. :older_man: :older_woman:


Lol actually spilt my tea laughing at that comment.

Photos deleted after 48hrs is fine as they COULD already have used that photo to help improve their algorithms.

More faces scanned equals more data to build models from. More data to build models from means easier to manipulate photos into photo-realistic videos?

Soon we will have an app that shows YOUR FACE in a video and you’ll be saying words you didn’t even utter (the technology already exists and has done for a few years, it’s just expensive to build up all the data to build models from unless you can get a few million people to ‘help’).

Or, it’s harmless fun.

What do I know?!

But it’s going to happen whether any individual decides to boycott it or not.

That’s the problem with advancements in technology, if it’s possible, someone will eventually do it.

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Indeed. The technology to produce faked videos has been around for a few years. All the Faceapp thing has done (if it has actually done anything!) is give them data to make it quicker/easier, a shortcut in the development time.

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