How is this justifiable? (Self service mugshots)

Hi, not sure where to categorise this, but just wondering- how is it exactly they justify recording glorified mugshots of consumers…? I’m guessing you consent GDPR wise as there’s likely signage somewhere.

Are there any methods to evade it? I saw infrared glasses mentioned on Reddit previously, however it seems AI can bypass that…

Don’t go out the house. CCTV happens everywhere, and there’s a very very high probability that you’re always being recorded on some sort of camera.

The alternative in this scenario is to actually just use a normal till instead :man_shrugging:


Right but that’s not an amicable solution. There must be some way around it…

I’m well aware that (unfortunately) the UK is utterly blathered in dystopian surveillance gubbins.

Who stores that data? Where? How long is it kept?

Not everything is GDPR.

You’re on hundreds of cameras every single day. It’s a theft deterrent, clearly having them front and centre works.

The Monzo forum is not going to know the details. Ask them if you care that much. But when you’re in their store, they can record you. “We keep it securely for 28 days” is probably the sort of reply you’ll get.


It’s not really conducive to a decent society.

Surely, there is a method of cloaking yourself from this. However, cursory research suggests they’d then grab data as to who you are based on your gait. So you cannot win.

Oh and btw, the cameras in public, the justification for that?

To protect their property and reduce theft.

The fact you can see the screen doesn’t make any difference? It just makes you more aware you’re being recorded, to reduce theft.


I think you’re forming a bit of an oxymoron with your replies…


I mean, is it a bad thing if we have the facility to not show who we are

Yes, because you wouldn’t just wear a motorbike helmet and walk out… forgoing the checkout.

There’s no real requirement for you to show who you are, but on the same vein there is no requirement for you to be served in these places.

While my reply was a little facetious initially, the point stands. You can’t go out without some CCTV coverage. If you’re against it, stay inside, do home-delivery shopping or whatever. But there’s a chance that person may be wearing a body cam, or have some recording equipment.

Everything is there for protection of property, or person, and so you either need to put up with it or accept that you might be refused service etc.

Why are you so against it?


Public safety and crime prevention.

You’d like to think that if you were (god forbid) mugged/attacked one evening that these cameras would catch it. This then allows them to identify the perpetrator but more importantly see that you need urgent help and dispatch the police and an ambulance to your exact position.

As for CCTV in stores, this is also public safety as well as protection for their staff who (from experience) often meet aggressive and abusive customers.

Then there is the crime prevention aspect too. Similar to you possibly wanting CCTV at home, a Ring Doorbell and the likes to help protect your family and your belongings. I imagine if you owned a business and had a significant investment into it, you’d want some of these measures in place too.


In other news supermarkets already have CCTV cameras in them, you just don’t see the monitor they’re connected to. Self service do as studies have shown it cuts down on theft at the till, when a customer sees themselves in the screen.

All premises using CCTV have to display notices stating they do, they’ll also provide details of the data controller in a location on a poster / display somewhere, which anyone can use to take the details to contact them.


You literally are on camera the moment you walk in the store. This is the same. Exactly the same.

There will be a sign somewhere at the door saying CCTV is in operation.

You have always had this happen. You just didn’t see the screen then. Now you do. You’ve noticed it now and that stops some people from stealing.

If you don’t like it. Don’t shop there. Actually you may well struggle to shop anywhere… but I’m sure somewhere exists.

Also most CCTV isn’t AI linked. It can’t “track” you. There isn’t some large control room with overall viewing of all CCTV with little squares on everyone’s faces scanning them and following them. Most CCTV is actually really poor quality.


If you had a shop and sold goods and Mr Gobshite came in and stole them you’de be annoyed, no?

It’s just for loss prevention, I have no issue with it and I can understand why they do it.


I quite like using our work CCTV, it’s a few years old but the digital zoom can see a lot of features. Granted a lot of businesses go with a cheap camera system who’s capabilities are rubbish.

Oh some is great quality, but most places can’t afford high quality images as they take up so much storage space it’s better to have lower quality and record more.

Public/council/police cameras vary depending on when they were installed. Some is pretty good quality, some is only really useful if you are just wanting a broad overview of what’s happening.

Zooming in sounds fun :joy:

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How I wish that was actually what happens, it would be far more interesting for me :laughing:

Our local supermarket has these all over the store, but ours seems more updated.

When you don’t scan something a red box appears around your face, when you’ve paid it turns green.

They’re barriers at the exit and they’ll only open if you’ve paid, if theirs no green box on your face they need to manually open them for you which can be annoying if you was just looking around.

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