Vinted/Depop/eBay deal hunters?

Hey everyone

After recently making some bargain purchases over on Vinted thought I’d check to see if anyone else on the forum has tried grabbing a sweet deal on anything or being bold enough to be an entrepreneur on the sites?

Wins and horror stories welcome.

There’s some very “interesting” fashion choices up there as well.

I’ll try not to put one of my Monzo hoodies up for sale or my limited edition Monzo socks… :eyes:


Need someone to remind me to check eBay for merch again later.


I got a Thermostat for £65, that RRP for £170, it shipped today and the tracking number doesn’t work - the English in the message was odd, not natural. will see if it shows up tomorrow or not

It had a start price of £30 and up until the last couple minutes, it stayed at £30, so I think one of their “friends” bidded up the item

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So you’re not launching a new Limited Edition “Socks and Shirts ISA” then? :frowning:


Ba-dum, tish


I bought a shirt on eBay and it didn’t fit well, then sold it for more on vinted.

More luck than judgement.


This has been my biggest motivation to start using secondhand options.

I picked up a super nice overshirt which retails at £150 for like £50 - and being normally quite a scrooge I’ve made sure to get my moneys worth out of it by wearing it even when it’s roasting warm :melting_face:

Currently on the hunt for Dickies and Carhartt stuff since the weather is becoming icy cold up here


Not the sites you’ve mentioned, but I’ve found some pretty good deals on Thrift+ and Vestiaire. Managed to get a lovely vintage YSL wool jumper for £40 in Thrift+'s 90% off boxing day sale last year