Anyone like Lush?

Got some moisturiser and massage balm and really impressed
Not tested on animals, 100% vegetarian and nearly 100% vegan


I like them, but they are a little pricey for some things so I don’t get them very often. If you keep the containers (depends on which products you’re getting), you can exchange 5 pots for a free fresh face mask :clap:t3::sparkles:

No, I don’t use them anymore after their, apparently, anti police statements in their windows a while ago. They backtracked significantly but the sentiment was the same.

Awful company - avoid them at all costs.


Good stuff but expensive


To be fair the thing they were taking a stand on was very on brand and totally fair. It wasn’t blanket ‘anti-police’ but anti a very specific thing the police were doing.


You could use a reviews site like Trustpilot to get a better idea of a company rather than a handful of peoples experiences on here:


Yah I’ve seen the trust pilot but wanted to ask people on here


But that was not how it came across to the public.

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There stuff is good, but expensive and they let you bring in empty containers to get a new face mask.

But they treat their employees like shit so.


Ten years ago, yes. Now, they are just extremely over-priced and seem to have a cult like following. Ten years ago the products were both cheaper and of better quality.

Its the one where you need a gas mask to enter, right? My experience is being given some funky soap as a gift which looks good initially but then looks a bit manky in the soap dish after a month, and then two years later its still there looking weird but you still don’t chuck it.

Not saying that score isn’t just as I think they are guilty of exploiting to make a buck, but TrustPilot needs to be taken with a massive pinch of salt.



That’s the one :rofl:

It far too overpowering for me, even just walking past when they have the doors open. It gets to the back of my throat, I can taste it and it makes my eyes water :mask:


The shop is pretty intense and small

Thd online service is good though, fast next day delivery :+1:t3:

At £6.95!!? No thanks :grimacing: I could pop to my local shop for less and have it the same day.

I understand next day for urgent things like replacement parts but for soap that’s absurd :confused:


Fair point but I get anxious as it’s busy in the city next to me where lush is

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Just use normal delivery at half the price then :slight_smile:

It was more around a) the cost and b) what would be the urgency to need soap for next day.

I guess I’m just more of a scrooge with my money and I am prepared to wait an extra day or two to save a chunk of money :face_with_monocle:

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Yeah it’s cheaper but because of my anxiety I hate waiting for stuff lol

Exactly my point, to the general public (and I include myself in this) it was a blanket anti-police window display. The fact they had to do so much explaining of the ‘intended’ message shows how wrong they got it.

I am not a member of the emergency services but hold them in very high esteem. Lush lost my business entirely due to that window display and the impression it gave.

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They do excellent hair wax!!

funnily enough this had the opposite effect on me