Touch ID keeps disabling

(Beta User) #1

Hello All,

Does anyone else have the same issue that Touch ID for authentication keeps turning its self off (so you have to put your pin number in).

I’ve had to re-enable it SO many times.


(Jack) #2

Mines done this in the past after a certain number of failed Touch ID Attempts. At one point I had to contact cops as it completely locked down the feature for me :see_no_evil:.

I’ve also had it sometimes when the app updates. But not randomly.


Does your phone have touch id set as the default lock? Not sure if it might clash if its not your phones default?

(Beta User) #4

It could be after an update on the App…

I’ll check next update.

(Beta User) #5

Yep I have Touch ID to unlock the phone (not to unlock the Monzo App though)