Anybody have one here ? Just bought one which is 50cm in length and worried it will be too small, in the picture it looks tiny

That depends whether you’re using it to go from your neck to your pocket or from your neck to your chest or from your neck to the front door. What’s it for?

Just to put around my neck whilst im exercising in the gym

With nothing on the end of it?


My keys, sorry

I will take the lanyard off whilst im at home

I think you’ll find a lanyard annoying to be honest, if using whilst exercising. It’ll rattle about.

What about a wrist sweatband?


That looks really good, may get one of those as well and see which i prefer

Just got one for £1.50 off eBay, thank you !

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It doesn’t need to be waterproof does it ? I ocasionally do a bit of swimming ( i will only be putting keys in it )

I wouldn’t recommend swimming with keys on you (especially electronic car keys!) but it’ll be more waterproof than a lanyard!

No electric fobs or anything, just standard keys for me apartment and bike

Have you thought of maybe using a locker? all of the above will be a pain for swimming.

I usually keep keys in pocket / in back next to me at the gym, if they annoy me i get them out an dput them on the treadmill / floor next to me.

We do have lockers for swimming, they used to use a key system which was 100% secure. But now they use a pincode system which i don’t trust, if someone sees me putting my pin in and then robs my stuff i wouldn’t be happy

You’d 100% be better off covering the pin well than trying to keep things with you. You will lose something at some point or another doing that.

I have many lanyards.

This is one of my favourites and will surprise nobody.




Well if we’re busting out the lanyard pictures…


I only have a work one (well 2 actually).

I have work pass and the lanyard I have is cat kitson. Would love a Radley one but they don’t do them.

Got the lanyard last week and its perfect.
The wrist wallet broke within a matter of minutes, so i have ordered some zipped pocket swimming trunks instead.

I wonder if Monzo staff have Monzo-branded lanyards?

I wear my work badge with a Scottish Rugby Lanyard… I don’t work for Scottish Rugby… :no_mouth:

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