Exporting transactions from connected accounts

I am a Monzo Free user. I currently export the transactions of my Monzo Current Account as a QIF file.
I know that in Monzo Plus and Monzo Premium you can connect other bank accounts and credit cards to your Monzo app. Can you export the transactions of connected accounts as a QIF file too? I.e. from the Monzo app could I export the transactions of my Amex as a QIF file?

If not, that’s not the end of the world because I can export a QIF from the Amex app. But it would be super helpful because I could then have the same categories (i.e. the Monzo categories) for my Amex transactions if I export the QIF from the Monzo app. This would make importing the QIF into Gnucash (an accounting software) from both my Monzo Current Account and my Amex much cleaner because they would have the same categories.

Looks like export to CSV isn’t implemented (see here) so I’m not super hopeful. But thought I’d ask just in case. Thank you!