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YNAB Personal Finance Software can link to your bank using direct import. It cannot find Monzo as a supporter of direct import. Does Monzo have any plans to support this in the future? Or are they under a different name for direct import? Can I export from monzo account register to common personal finance file formats?

You’d have to wait for YNAB to setup the direct import connection.

A few people have been trying to get YNAB to do this but it seems the providers they use for Direct Import aren’t particularly interested in adding any new connections very quickly.

There is an option to use https://github.com/fintech-to-ynab/fintech-to-ynab by setting up a webhook using the Monzo developers API and then adding in your YNAB developer API settings into the Heroku settings form.

Heroku is free and basically creates a virtual server that takes the transaction notifications from the Monzo Webhook and then uploads the details into YNAB.

It doesn’t work too well with Pot transfers and you have to generally edit the transactions in YNAB if you have your Pots setup as separate accounts

Thank you.

Ok so Monzo support direct import / open banking it’s up to ynab’s contracted service to implement their end right?

Can I export from monzo account register to common personal finance file formats?

I don’t think any UK Banks are supported on YNAB anyway.
At least last time I looked they weren’t.

You can export in PDF, CSV and QIF formats

I think most uk banks show up on ynab. I’ve only tried Barclays so far. Successfully.

I’ll give it another look then. I was a bit frustrated they expected me to pay the same for less functionality.

NatWest worked when I had it, my HSBC doesn’t, first direct might?
They didn’t have Lloyds when I had an account either :frowning:

They don’t support most of UK banks, with the direct import feature unfortunately. The supplier of the import service they use is primarily US, and being able to sync is more about said supplier than the bank itself (I’m told).

The “Fintech to YNAB” thing works very well for me. Transactions sync literally instantly. The only admin is:

  • Transfers within YNAB accounts need to be manually altered.
  • Payments to Pots come up as separate payees (but you don’t need pots if you’re using YNAB).
  • The API itself doesn’t recognise updated transactions, if amounts change after the initial authorisation - so odd amount of editing.

Personally those drawbacks are very minor.

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YNAB had a quick write up on how to do this using IFTTT - https://support.youneedabudget.com/t/k95bh0/monzo-to-ynab-ifttt-integration

It’s a little technical though.