Monzo Plus issues with connected accounts, CSV export, and custom categories

I’m doing my yearly budget and wanted to check in on whether some long standing pain points with Monzo Plus features had been resolved.

Specifically, does Monzo support:

  1. Connected account transactions in the CSV export.
  2. Notes for connected account transactions.
  3. Bulk editing categories for past transactions (e.g. a way to do a search, multi-select results, and change category)
  4. Changes to category name propagate to CSV export (this didn’t work as of Nov 2020).

Have any of these issues been fixed?

If not, does anyone have suggestions for a budgeting app that allows me to consolidate multiple accounts and categorise transactions with custom categories?


Yes (for Monzo transactions)
Yes (this has always worked AFAIK)

Maybe money dashboard can do those things you need. Either classic or neo (the two have different functionalitkes).

Money Dashboard

I use lumio, works really well with the caveat that you can’t create (yet) custom categories

  1. I need this for connected accounts as well.
  2. I just checked and this still doesn’t work; after a category name change, only new transactions get the updated name, previous transactions in the would keep the old category name. This means the only way to update the historical category name is to re-categorise all of those transactions, or disconnect and reconnect your spreadsheet.

I’m giving Emma a go currently. I tried to sign up to Money Dashboard, but their SMS verification is broken. I hadn’t heard of Lumio though, so will give that a try too - thanks for the suggestion!

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Really keen for number 1 as well. I guess I could use Money Dashboard etc. for looking across all my accounts, but I assume you’d have to separately map the categories coming out of Monzo to those from other bank accounts? For me getting all my financials out of Monzo would really help grouping by the categories I’ve already tagged against my other credit cards in the app.