Exporting Category Information

It would be useful to have an export of the categorized information, i.e. how much has been spent on groceries each month for months in the year. Is there any prospect of getting this please?

Very unlikely you’ll get it without doing some work yourself.

Export the data into Google sheets.

Open a new sheet

In A1 type =unique(‘Monzo Transactions’!G:G)

That will give you a list of all categories used in your sheet. It will have “Category” in A1 and then in A3 the first of your categories.

In B3, =sumifs(‘Monzo Transactions’!H:H,‘Monzo Transactions’!G:G,A3)

That will give you total, then you can break it down by month from there.

or search in the app chosen category - “groceries” + “by date” and export :man_shrugging:
or search “Sainsburys” + “by date”

Yes, I was reckoning you could export all the data then use pivot tables in excel, bit of a faff though.

Do you pay for Plus/Premium?

Then the sheet is automatic. Or once you have the formula set up, just paste and dump.

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Only if you’re on iOS :sob:

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