Exporting a specific category with receipts

I’d find it very useful to be able to select a specific category (or categories) when using the export function. I’m thinking mostly of the expenses category here.

A screen where you can select a start and end date, along with check boxes for each category (or even a free text box to search through comments you’ve added to transactions) would be very useful. You could then export the transactions in the usual way (pdf, CSV etc.)

In addition to that, and perhaps even more usefully, you could have a tick box labelled ‘include receipts’. Checking this box would result in a zip file which includes the above pdf, CSV etc. along with all the receipts for those transactions.

I’d also like to propose a naming convention for the receipt files in the form of YYYYMMDD-HHMM_MerchantName. i.e. a receipt from Costa on 16th May 2018 at 15:34 would be called 20180516-1534_Costa


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You can use the standard search function to look for specific transactions (including those with a receipt), and output to CSV. I don’t know what the naming convention is, though.

I’ve just tried and although I can search for stuff (ie expenses) there’s no way for me to export from that screen, and there’s no way to specify dates. I’m using Android if that makes a difference.

I think this is one of the benefits of the iOS version - they have a funky advanced search thing. :pensive:

Coming soon to Android, hopefully…?

Ahh, I’m on iPhone. Not sure if that’s the reason, I thought they had more or less full parity at this point.

At the bottom of the search screen (you may have to scroll a bit to get the keyboard to disappear once you have selected a criteria) it shows the total spent and the average, with an export icon. If that’s not there, then I guess it’s a case of waiting for the Android version to catch up, I’m afraid.

I think @cookywook and @Naji are thinking about how Monzo can best share with the community upcoming features.

Just to flag that I think this one should probably be on the roadmap somewhere (it’s a bit of an inference as I don’t think this functionality has ever been specifically promised, though a general “Android parity” promise has been made, so hopefully it makes it’s way on).

Sneak Peeks is coming to the Android app at some point too! Not sure how soon though


(Can we have a sneak peek of platform parity search? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And why isn’t there a synonym of search that begins with a P? #frustratedalliteration)

do you know if this feature has been included for android yet?

The data export function has recently been removed while it is made compliant. When it returns we are told that you will be able to export even more data :slight_smile:

thanks looking to export current expense trips to save away on my system.