Questions on monzo plus (not answered in help articles)

I’m considering getting monzo plus purely for the linked accounts. I have a few questions

  • Can i create and assign categories for linked accounts?
  • can you use the auto export for linked accounts?


Yes & No

Thanks. So… You can tag your spending in other accounts but you can’t download the details to a csv?! How does that make sense

Monzo is read only for external accounts, they don’t hold the data.

But then how so you assign it a category?

I just want to know everything I spend on , eg “groceries”. Aside from manual exports, is there a tool that will do that for me?

Changing category internally just basically puts a sticker on it and monzo can utilise that data within their app, as it can read it.

I’m not sure if there is an app that does what you want it to.

You don’t (shouldn’t) edit the export.

The export is telling you what the app says. If you change your latest (Monzo) Tesco shop to General, then a few seconds like the export will update.

If you want to categorise your Tesco shop with Lloyds as General, you can do that in the app and then see them all together in Trends.

You can definitely set up your sheet so that you can then play around with the data, I’m not too worried. Ok, so that’s a no for Monzo plus from me then.

Emma may do.

You can export from Emma but it requires Pro tier or above and isn’t an auto-export.

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