Categories export


I love the app because it’s partly works like my american express. Mondo’s intuitive categories feature make my life so much easier. As a freelancer sometimes budgeting is important but also keeping track of spending paramount. I would never use another application or service if I was just able to download these categories as an excel file. This would be beyond helpful for tax season and project billing. Please help bring this feature to Monzo.


Spending > Share > Export > as CSV or QIF

Will that work for you?

Hey Colin,

Being able to download or send a CSV of all categories would be epic.


Similar method, just go through the main feed -> search icon, make a dummy search (I use this year), scroll a little to hide the keyboard and there should be a share button at the bottom right that allows you to export in the same way.

WHAT!!!? This is exactly what I need, actually better because I can search by date. Richard you’re legend!