Categories export

(B C) #1


I love the app because it’s partly works like my american express. Mondo’s intuitive categories feature make my life so much easier. As a freelancer sometimes budgeting is important but also keeping track of spending paramount. I would never use another application or service if I was just able to download these categories as an excel file. This would be beyond helpful for tax season and project billing. Please help bring this feature to Monzo.


(Colin Robinson) #2

Spending > Share > Export > as CSV or QIF

Will that work for you?

(B C) #3

Hey Colin,

Being able to download or send a CSV of all categories would be epic.


(Rika Raybould) #4

Similar method, just go through the main feed -> search icon, make a dummy search (I use this year), scroll a little to hide the keyboard and there should be a share button at the bottom right that allows you to export in the same way.

(B C) #5

WHAT!!!? This is exactly what I need, actually better because I can search by date. Richard you’re legend!