Yearly bank statements?


For the first time ever, I’ve been asked for a years worth of bank statements.

Is there anyway to get the last year? Or do I need to download each month individually?


you can get an “All time” PDF statement from the bottom of summary on iOS - mine is 62 pages long , but can obviously print off whichever pages you want

interestingly it gives a running balance …from first transaction

Oh really? I didn’t know thank you!

I’m on iOS

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Sorry, I can’t see this, only “this month”.

I touched the summary bar on main screen , scroll down to bottom of screen , tap on export & bank statements and get the choice of april or all time

iOS 6 app 3.29.0 #627

Hmmm, I’ll ask support as I don’t see this!

Thanks anyway!

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@Tommypinball In your app , you need to click on the “pie” symbol in the top right corner (IOS) of your account screen

Scroll down and you will see the button with both options at the bottom of the screen.

See photo.

Hope this helps.

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That worked, great thank you.

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No problem.