Excel CSV Statements

Have Monzo removed the ability to download statements in Excel? They only seem to be available in PDF?

You can do csv via the summary tab

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Ah thanks, I was under the settings/statement option

It shows CSV for me under the statements :slight_smile:


That on android? Doesn’t show on iOS

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It does for me on Android (under statements)

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Yup on android :slight_smile:

We don’t have this on iOS :disappointed_relieved:

It is on iOS - that’s what I was looking for (and have just done). Scroll right to the bottom of Summary tab and it says Export & Bank statements. It looks oddly similar to the statements option under the settings section - but the latter only allows PDF.

We do, I have iOS and did it a few days ago. On the summary tab at the very bottom you can download them there. Select duration then format ‘CSV’

Sorry yes I know and that’s what I was referring to in my original post where I said exactly this.

What I was referring to was that android apparently had csv options available from the statement history screen which gives calendar months as opposed to budget months which the summmary screen gives you.

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