Expense reports / Exporting expenses *only* data with images

I am self-employed and find the “expenses” category for spending and ability to upload a picture of your receipt really useful as I can see my work-related expenditure each month.

I am not however aware of a way to export this data only (i.e. not the rest of my spending as well) and any attached images into a report or single spreadsheet. My suggestion is that monzo should add a feature which allows you to download a spending report for a particular category (or categories) within a designated timeframe.

With the advent of e-filing of tax returns the ability to download expenses spending data and receipt images would make self-assessment a doddle for those who are self-employed and would be a pretty revolutionary step in banking for the self-employed.

If there is a way to do this already that I have not found I would appreciate any guidance on how to do so.


Fantastic idea, Katie, and one we definitely hope to implement in the future :grinning:


I know it’s not Monzo, but we use Pleo at work, which is a prepaid card.
It integrates directly with Xero and exports categorised transactions with receipt images attached.

It’s brilliant for our small company as it makes life for our bookkeeper much easier

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+1 here!

I want (need) to export just the Expenses Category of items for x period, with the image of the receipt.

This would save me untold hours of work and seems to be a really simple/easy feature to implement as you already have an export function - just needs a filter for category and tick box to include receipt images.

Please Please Please…

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I’ve spoken with a number of monzo users and potential customers who all agree this feature would save lots of time for them.

As the core functionality to export is already in place, a simple category filter and inclusion of receipt images seems a relatively easy addition.

Any chance we can have comment from Monzo to when something like this could be included please.


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What if you were to use IFTTT to link to the Expensify app?

At last look there’s a recipe for exporting expense receipts automatically. And from there, it’s aaaaall ready to go.

Would that be what you’re looking for, or have I completely got this wrong?

This is a hot topic for me.
Pleo looks perfect…if your employer adopts it. Mine doesn’t.

I tried Monzo integration with expensify. It didn’t quite work for me. If i remember correctly, it did not export the payment data and attached image.

I’ve made myself a macro enabled spreadsheet that allows me to import the Monzo CSV data. The CSV file includes the URL to the attached image. I can filter for the requested dates and category. I then produce a ‘spending report’ which pulls down the URL link (found the code on google).
I’m no IT engineer. I just wanted to prove how easy it could make my expense claims. It’s literally saved hours and I think there’s more efficiencies to gain.

Monzo could do this in 1hr and host it on their
Desktop browser.
There’s a lot of us that can’t change our employers accounting software, don’t want to pay a £60 annual fee but still want to manage our expenses.

Please Monzo. Help us out

At least you have an employer that will accept receipt images (rather than needing the original paper)! Think of the rest of us - nothing Monzo can do in this area will solve that one for me :tired_face:

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Wow this would be brilliant, just trying to do taggged TFL expenses export right now and its a bit of a PITA.

I would love this feature, as I’m self employed of would make my life so much easier to manage all aspects of my finances in one place, and make the tax return time of year super simple. I understand these things are more to implement than it may seem but I would love it to be more of a priority. It would certainly convince me to use monzo as my only account (I started just for holidays, now use it for personal payments but still have a separate business account elsewhere)