Export transactions into (Apple) Numbers

I’ve bought Monzo Plus a few days ago and I’m loving the features it brings, I know one of the features is exporting into google sheets but I’d love for it to also have the same functionality into (Apple) Numbers. Unless I’m missing a trick.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

Monzo will only export to a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

You could copy and paste the data, but I’m not aware of any easier way.

Is that by choice or is there a “techy” reason behind that do you know? I don’t have a google account.

I suspect it’s both. There is a mechanism for making and editing a Google Sheet in someone else’s account. This doesn’t work with Apple.

Also, I expect that there are considerably more Google accounts than Apple accounts.


Thanks for your reply :+1:

This is the answer.

Google Sheets has an API, so a developer like Monzo can write data directly into a sheet. (https://developers.google.com/sheets/api)

Apple unfortunately doesn’t provide an API for third parties to edit Numbers docs.


Would it be possible for Apple Numbers to ingest the data from a Google Doc?

Works with excel.

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Does this also explain why Google Sheets was chosen over MS Excel?

Not ingest, exactly. It would be more like being fed the data. As @Dunsford said, you can manually import it, or copy and paste.

But if you aren’t able or willing to use Google, you might as well export the data from the Monzo app, rather than pay £5 pm (unless the other features are worth £5 for you). The only advantage of using Monzo Plus is that the data is instantly updated.

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Probably. I haven’t had any experience with Microsoft products for four years or so, though.