Expired card payments

Hi guys, Amazon Prime is trying to charge my old Monzo card (see attached image) although I never use Monzo for Prime, I use HSBC and those payments are fine. Reason I’m asking for help is because it’s the expired card, I’m not sure if submitting a fraud report would work as it’s not my current card? Is there a way to completely disconnect my expired card?

Hope that makes sense? Any advice appreciated.

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I have had similar, it turned out that my Monzo card was set as the default prime payment card even though my other bank was the card for other Prime benefits.

Have you checked that the payment method for prime (the tv) is set to HSBC, even if it is for your purchases and other prime benefits. I know it’s strange but this is what I’d found.

Good luck and let us know how you get on!

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Thanks, good point. I checked my statement and Amazon Prime came out of my current/active Monzo on 18th February, and this attempted transaction on the expired card has been happening every two days for the last week or two.

I’ve reset my default card on Amazon and deleted anything else, if it pings again I’ll just have to claim fraud.