used by Monzo customer support

My dad got in touch with monzo support today via the help tab in app over a simple “card not working via apple pay at the chip and pin terminal” he tried 2 terminals at there hotel in mauritius and both terminals never even triggered any activity in the monzo app. He was quickly referred to and was charged a £24 fee (which has now been refunded as they never helped with anything)

Is this a company monzo uses for specific support requests (more technical type requests) or… ?

It just came across strange as it’s not something i have heard or seen of before.

He went to the hotel reception (which has been working fine all holiday) and all is good.

I’m sorry, what?

Something really doesn’t sound right here.

@Carlo1460 ? :eyes:


I am going to have a deeper look for him when he returns from Holiday, something didn’t add up for me either , hence asking here if anyone has experienced similar?

He insists that this happened after using the help section of the Monzo app and using “contact support” with his question.

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At a guess, your dad may have googled help online instead of going through the app.

There’s many of these types of services online which charge a fee.

You ask a question, get a free trial, and then pay on the “expert” answering your question.

It’s a legitimate service (though morally frustrating), the same as

Your dad will likely have an account, be sure he, or you, logs in and cancels the membership/subscription otherwise future payments may come out at a later date, 7 days I believe.

Used to see these services loads at Barclays, looks like they’re asking the genuine company the question (if not overly savvy) when in all it’s a bit of a con.

Taken from the expertsquad help section:

So it’s really important you check the subscription section under his My Account to prevent further monthly payments even if he’s not using the service.


Thanks for your reply , i will be sure to do some digging on his return to understand for myself what he has done here. Will update this thread on my findings.

He has indeed got a conformation email of the cancelled subscription and also that a refund for today has been issued.

Thanks again for the advice.


This is good, JustAnswer (as far as I could tell) weren’t as forthcoming.

Worth asking monzo to cancel the CPA (continuous payment authority) for them if possible, just to be sure.

Given it’s monthly, and guessing your dad will be back within the month, you should be fine.


Yeah, usually when he is home he comes to me to get these type of things sorted out. He is very watchful of his accounts and if anything is a miss i can get sorted out on his return in just over a weeks time👍🏻

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Can you ask him for a screenshot and blur out anything personal?

Yeah i will get some screen shots when he returns from his holiday and update the thread with my findings.