Expensify-like functionality

Since I cannot seem to find a way to link my monzo card to Expensify, I would like to see Monzo creating their own similar in-app functionality.
Expensify is a powerhouse with many bells and whistles, but all you need to start for now are 2 very simple yet extremely handy tools:

A visual pie graph
of all my spending, with various category filters - by type of spending, tag, business/personal etc - and precise view ‘from-to’ date settings.

which would be akin to your pots and which would allow me to add selected expenses from the flow list to a specific ‘report pot’ then export them as PDFs with the inclusion of photos of all the photographed receipts/receipt emails into them.

Is the huge, screaming mantra you should see here.

I realise those may seem like specialised tools away from your main business at first, but when you think about it, there’s absolutely no reason for why this could not quite easily be implemented by you into the app as part of their system for personal expenses management which is what makes monzo so different in the first place.
It’s all basically there already, just missing a few extra filtering/exporting options.

The main big difference between your tools and Expensify would be that you don’t include smart receipt scanning facilities and specialized infrastructure for big businesses; everything else is perfectly possible as a natural extension of your current system. This would also be heaven for freelancers claiming expenses and for sorting out tax returns.

This is one way, the other is the ability to link up Monzo to Expensify, which I think is sorely missing.


Hey Michal, cool idea!

Would you say it’s similar to this idea? If so, I can add your post to the discussion there :slight_smile:

Hello, I am sorry for a very belated reply, indeed it’s along the same lines though I think probably goes into much greater details in fleshing it out than the thread you suggested. Please kindly move as you feel is appropriate. Thanks!