Company expenses

(Keith) #1

Not sure if this is something you already do but I have to provide print outs of receipts for my company expenses. It’d be great if a) I could flag transactions as expenses and b) export them maybe as a pdf to print?

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Expensify-like functionality
(Andrew Ross) #2

A great idea. I don’t have to do this very often but it would be great for times I need to.


Hi Keith, the fist part of you suggestion is already available and the note feature is helpful too…

I agree being able to export them would be helpful.

(Keith) #4

Cool. Do you use the expense system now? How do you submit these if they were expsenses? Screen grabs or the original receipts?


I’ve only just started using it so not sure how it will work out. I still have to submit my expences on bespoke work software and keep copies of receipts. It is how ever v. helpful to be able to filter the Mondo feed by flagging my expences so I don’t have to go through the whole feed at the end of the month trying to remember what was and wasn’t expences.

(Keith) #6

Cool. I can see where that is helpful.

(Adam Hockley) #7

you can export any of it yet check out sneek preview of new search coming soon.

(Greg Stevenson) #8

@Keith1974 - As a dev at an expenses SaaS company I can’t help but ask… who do you use for your expenses software? :smiley:

(Keith) #9

Concour is the system

(Greg Stevenson) #10

Oof. Our big US competitor. Shame :smiley:

(Steven) #11

Yes, it would be great to export this with receipts and notes.

Currently, each month I have to hand all my receipts with notes regarding expenses. If mondo could put the photos of receipts combined with notes and transactions that would be fantastic!!!

(Marc Drinkwater) #12

Agree this would be a great feature

(Stuart Todd) #13

Great idea and to me would be a fantastic feature.

I am self employed and would help being able to export for Accounts, Tax Returns, HMRC etc.


(Keith) #14

Regarding this has you tried 1tap?

(Stuart Todd) #15

One tap? Can you explain?



I assume he’s referring to

(Keith) #17

It’s an app that helps people auto extract data from receipts etc to complete your tax return. Great for self employees people.

(Sean Pearce) #18

API into something like for the expenses items?

I’d like the “Expenses” category to be a “Tag”, in addition to that is was a “food” or “travel” category.

Also if one has marked a particular spend as “Expense” - that seems to become the defaulft for that merchant…

Recently I’ve purchased sandwiches at Pret a Manger for some customer training, and marked as “expense”.
Today’s purchase what automatically marked as “Expense” for Pret… But of course the next and future purchases at Pret aren’t ALL going to be an expense - so should revert to being “food” category.

(Alex Sherwood) #19

Once Monzo’s API is ready, a could set up that integration.

Could you explain the benefits for you of having an expenses tag? Have you considered using an emoji in notes as a tag instead?

This applies to all categories at the moment. I assume that once a user changes a category for a merchant, they generally don’t change it back. Monzo will have the data to know whether that or the opposite is more common & I assume that setting, will be updated if your use case is more common.

(Sean Pearce) #20

Well, to me - expenses are not really a “category” of spending, but merely a flag that the payment needs to be reported and reimbursed by the company. Each expense still belongs to the appropriate category, and one hopes that applies to the category of the merchant; typically - Food & Drink, Travel, Phone, Accomodation and “other”…
Thinking longer-term - if the data associated with a purchase is to be used in APIs to create other wonderful integrations (such as with Expensify), then will an “emoji” be a consistent & reliable flag to indicate an expense (for everybody using the system)?