Making work/Life balance easier? :Business reports for expense claims

I travel a lot with my work. I typically use a credit card and keep that separate from my personal spending.

With Monzo thinking about a means of grouping spending while away in another country, I would love to see a way of generating a PDF where I could group all my expenses by country, leveraging the ‘expenses’ category and export it at the end of the month. It would make claiming back from work a doddle. Perhaps even include the images of receipts with the export?

I usually use Microsoft Office Lens to capture receipts as it has a way of recognising the ends of the paper and can squew the receipt so it appears ‘flat’ as if it were scanned. It would be great if Monzo could develop some better way of capturing images of receipts rather than leveraging the smartphones photo app.

What would you add to make your company expenses department and payroll happy?


I’m in the same situation. I’ve got a similar idea. I may as well post it here. Strength in numbers

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I think I’ve decided on my proposed ‘Monzo business expenses features’

Toggle on/off button. The automatic spending report doesn’t work. Especially as you cross countries or work in the UK. When ‘on’ all spending is categoried as ‘expenses’
Option to switch between ‘pots’. I want to pay for my breakfast :banana:, taxi :oncoming_taxi:, dinner :taco: with work allocated funds but pay for my drinks :beers:, presents :gift:, other :dancer:t3: with my personal funds. I think the switch between pots will work the same as the toggle on/off.
The report is key. :chart_with_upwards_trend:
3.1 add Receipts. The option is there to add the receipt to the purchase but it doesn’t export in the report. This would be great.
3.2 read Receipts. (We’re allowed to dream). We’d then have the option in the app to select which items we had. :pray:
3.3 export report. This must include actual spend in local currency and GBP (or include exchange rate) :dollar::euro::pound:
3.4 The report could also include ‘amount claimed’. This could come from the ‘read receipts’ info or manual entry. I’m not allowed to claim alcohol so I must remove it from my receipts. The amount claimed in local currency would be automatically converted at the purchase exchange rate.
3.5 The report would need a non-editable option (pdf) :closed_lock_with_key:
Update the Monzo app as you’re on the move. (An offline version would be useful for those in-flight hours) :airplane:
Export the report.
Job done.
Get a round of drinks in with your expenses and tell your friends to sign up to Monzo. :rocket:
(That’s my annul emoji quota used up)

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Great ideas!

Perhaps you could integrate with Expensify or Receiptbank?