Expenses made simple?


I’m self employed and often have trouble keeping tracking of my expenses to ensure I get reimbursed. I note Monzo has a feature to mark transactions as expenses, I can take a photo and attach the receipt, is there a way of running of a report at the end of a period with the transactions and the image of the receipt?

There is no feature like this unfortunately. You may want to read up on Monzo business accounts and make the suggestion there?

You could also stick your name on the wait list too :slight_smile:

There’s two options I would consider;

1 - IFTTT integration with Google Sheets - export everything tagges as an Expense to a google sheet. (The option here I think allows you to add the image URL but I may have that wrong)
2 - Use the native search function in the app; you can select by Category and Timeframe and export that to a CSV. (This one has a link to the reciept image included).

Though my final suggestion would be to use a separate credit card for expenses, so at least you’re not waiting for your own money to be funded back to you, and could get some benefits!

What I’d really love is a way to auto forward any expense images to Company’s Expense Service of choice.

Thanks for the ideas, its crazy though. I’ve had a look through the forums and this has been suggested a few times and seems quite easy as all the features are there. Strangely monzo are not alone, starline dont have it nor do revolut. The only people i can see who have it are mettle which is apparently Natwest’s answer to challenger banks.

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Perhaps it’s because as you mentioned, it’s a worthwhile for a business and your suggestion is for a personal account? Either way if you get enough people to vote on your idea it will hopefully get the attention of Monzo so they can consider building it. Simply direct people to vote for it at the top of this page :point_up:

One last thing… I’d be careful of using your Monzo account for your business as it’s against their T&Cs. Recently someone was on here after their account had been closed as a result :grimacing:

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Outside of the ‘self employed’ part of this post, I do wonder how many are in a job where they have expenses to manage.

Clearly enough to warrant a category, but maybe not enough to consider any other integrations.

Maybe after Open Banking is here it’s something they could add to the listeroo.

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I think you’ve got the wrong end of the stick. Be it self employed or an employee, managing expenses is something you’d generally want to do from your personal account.


I do it this way;

Joint account - day to day living with all bills, credit card repayments, lease payments, other payments and all income deposits

Personal account - expense advances are paid into Joint account and immediately transferred to Personal Account. I can then use only my Personal card for business use and because transactions are info-rich, submitting expenses is easy later.

You’re being a tad pedantic there for some reason.

Anyway, as you already know. The main point I was making and what people shouldn’t be encouraging is the OP to use his personal account for business. Imagine if his account got frozen tomorrow how that would impact him as a sole trader having no access to funds.

Well I only want to use it, when I eat out or maybe buy the odd ink cartridge. To get a report at the end with the receipts and photos that I have attached. Seems applicable to personal and business uses. Given the personal account is so info rich a nice export function is all I ask. If I have to export into a spreadsheet and do stuff with it, that’s another task to do. I might as well get a dedicated app!


The feature itself is fine, apologies for the confusion. It was more concerns about you using your personal account for business use. People do it and get away with it, so as long as you’re aware of the risks that was my only concern :slight_smile:

All you need to do now is as I advised earlier in the topic :point_down: