Expedited Migration

Given the huge number of issues with GPS that are causing major outages, wouldn’t it make sense to expedite the process of moving customers over to the Current Account? I understand not wanting to rush things but constant outages must really be damaging the brand.


This is what I said on Twitter. Makes so sense “testing” it with a few android and then a few iOS users seeing as there has already been a beta test of the CA? Surely just start migration.


I’m rather in agreement at this point. Assuming the migration tests go okay I really think Monzo need to get this moving soon


There’s still the issue of having enough physical cards


I understand there are now two suppliers so to an extent that should be a little better

I almost posted this earlier and I’m kind of on the fence about it…

On the one hand we are so close that presumably there isn’t much left to fix.

On the other hand because we are so close it’s not long to wait and the stakes are awfully high.

But yeah the outages are unacceptable in my opinion, whoever provides the processing link should be facing some serious questions not just by monzo, revolut and starling but also I think that mastercard should be questioning whether its appropriate for them to be linked to their systems

Update: I think what I’m trying to say is speed it up as much as is safely practical


Agreed. I am surprised there isn’t some kind of reliability clause.

Me too, the problem is of course that there are probably very few options available to mastercard, of course there are financial penalties but its not practical to cut them off overnight as doing so would effectively screw over countless customers.

Do we know anything about this market? Are there many alternatives because I think the way to get them to sort their s**t out is to hurt their wallets (like monzo is doing by moving away to their own system), perhaps by switching providers.

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I agree, they should speed up the process as testing has/is being done however expectatoins should be set with regards to card delivery…

Now if Monzo only had Fitbit Pay then card delivery wouldn’t really matter :thinking:


Very dangerous ground. It has to be ramped up slowly to stress test the new backend. I trust they are rolling out as fast as they can.


From what I understand the rollout gets underway later this week/early next week anyway, so it’s not like they’re dragging their heels. I’m sure Monzo would rather be rid of GPS as well.


What use is that? FitBit Pay is the future.


yeah apple eats fitbits dust…

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I’d much rather Monzo not rush into CA… We all want it to be flawless so if Monzo dump everyone in at the same time and something goes pear shaped… Nobody will be thrilled :wink:

We’ll look back at these outages in a couple of months and laugh about it :joy: because Monzo’s system is top notch! :grin::grin:


I think it would be better to stick to the plan and if Monzo rushed and things start to go wrong that would hurt the brand more than the current situation where they can at least explain that 3rd party card processing is to blame.


We really need that ‘big announcement’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Apparently there are 4 people out there swiping away their fitbit thingy

Your anger is fair but I guess would be short lived just few more weeks and you’ll join us previewers :slight_smile:
Some say Monzo CA gives you super powers (no fitbit though :cry:)

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Monzo prepaid is a beta. Everyone signed up for it knowing this, knowing there could be issues. They always say to carry a spare card. I don’t think it is fair be angry with them. At least they’ve been very transparent about being in beta rather than purport to be a legacy bank alternative.

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