**Important Notice** Data Migration 3AM Friday Night/Saturday Morning

Hi all,

At around 3am on Friday night/Saturday morning, our card processor (GPS) will be performing a datacenter migration. During this time Monzo cards and top-ups won’t work.

The migration is set to take around 3 hours 15 minutes and any disruption should be resolved before most of you have had breakfast on Saturday morning :fried_egg:.

There is the small possibility it could take longer, we’ll be sure to update here and via our Twitter if this is the case.

Thanks in advance for your patience! Given the timing, you could consider this a test run of the commonly requested ‘block when drunk’ feature :yum:


I’d say this was important enough that you should probably reach out more proactively, via an email or an in-app notice ahead-of-time.


Hagaha that last one made me laugh.

Agreed, these kinds of outages need to be broadcast to all users at some point before (email and here as early as possible, non-alerting push notification on the day/day before along with the app banner?) and during the outage period.

While customers may not need to be pushed this notification of every small issue, I feel like planned outage of core payments and card use is worth doing it for.


Sorry, I didn’t make it clear, but there will be a status page notification in the app linking to this post for all users 24 hours beforehand too!


3hrs 15 mins… rather precise isn’t it?

Let’s place bets on over running :laughing:


I shall be safely tucked up in bed so you’re quite welcome to do it :smile: Of course I may well be drunk in bed :wink: So thanks for stopping in-bed drunken purchases for one Saturday at least lol l

@-removed- Thanks Luke, I’ll pass this on :+1:

I agree with #lukehebb - shame I can’t click Like more than once :slight_smile:

For anyone who hasn’t already, I’d recommend subscribing to the Monzo status page by mobile so that you receive text alerts.

A warning’s just been posted.


Perhaps a push alert would be appropriate too


We’ll be sending a push alert later today to everyone who hasn’t opened the app to see the status banner :slight_smile:


and why migration again?

Our card processor is moving data centres, and they require some downtime to do this :frowning:

oh no sad times :stuck_out_tongue:

Why is this happening now … that’s the only card I have how long is it going to take

Will this be fixed tomorrow or tonight … I’m from Belfast need to know

Sorry to hear this @Michelle. It’s a bit out of our hands, but the downtime will begin at around 3am tonight, and our best estimate is that it will take 2-3 hours. We’ll keep the status page up to date throughout, though. Sorry about this! :persevere:

Thanks @oliver is it working at the minute so I can take money out . ?