Date Direct Debit will be paid

I can click on the “Sheduled” tab, and it tells me who the recipients are … but it doesn’t show the DATE that DD will be paid. Cannot contact the company as they do not respond to emails or phone calls. Can someone advise ?

Is yours not like this?

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If the direct debit doesn’t say when it’s going to be taken then Monzo don’t know because it may never have been taken yet!

Direct debits don’t have to be regular; they can be one off - ie PayPal - or set up months before they’re due to be taken - like my gym membership which shows as no upcoming date because it’s never been taken.

When monzo have seen it taken, and know the regularity then it’ll be shown/predicted in the app.

Till that point the only solution is going to the company that set it up & ask them.


Thanks for the info. In a way, that makes logical sense. (In my “old” bank, it would show the date established when you created the DD, but I suspect Monzo simply transferred the NAMES of the businesses who need paying, and will wait for the company to request money)

I should have had two payments go out on Thurs / Fri, so will check app to see if it now shows date. (I think the other company “pulls” their money around 14th, so will check then)

Nope. Company name, A link to cancel direct debit, “Paid from” (pot name), a link to explain how Direct Debits work, and a reference code.

That said, the comment re date only appears once paid out seems to ring true, as the two payments Thurs / Friday now show “Expected on Friday 24th May” and “Expected 23rd May”. (Clicking link now also shows “Repeating subscriptions” Repeats: Monthly)

So we’re getting there!

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“Scheduled payments” is actually a misnomer. What the tab shows is direct debit authorities, these are companies who have the authority to debit your account at any time for any amount. They aren’t actually payments that are scheduled.

As most direct debit authorities are used to take a regular monthly payment, once one payment is made Monzo and other banks show a sort of guess that the same will be taken next month, but it’s often misplaced as some vary in date or amount. The only way to know what will be taken when is to find it out from whoever will be making the debit, for example if it’s a credit card somewhere on the card’s app/website it will show this.