Include specific pots in summary budget?

(Steve) #1

Love the new summary feature, however, I tend to organise my money to the nth degree with pots each month, typically putting all of my wages after rent and bills into pots and leaving very little in my active balance. Currently, my process on payday is as follows (though I’d automate parts of this if I were consistently paid on the same day monthly…)

  • Transfer rent and bills out
  • Place 50% of remainder in a savings pot
  • Divide what’s left by the days until next payday
  • Put seven days into a “weekly budget” pot
  • Put the rest into a “monthly budget” pot

Each week, whatever is leftover is fair game to spend on non-essentials. As I want to make purchases, I just transfer that amount into my main balance, or cover it with my overdraft and then settle up straight away.

If this sounds like a ridiculous use case, that’s because it probably is, but I’ve never been good with money and this is the best way I’ve found to keep tabs on my spending and start seriously saving. I don’t plan on changing this habit any time soon, so it would be really cool if there were an option for the summary tab to also take the finances in my monthly and weekly budget pots into account. Currently because I keep my active balance deliberately low I pretty much always see a warning.


Yup I pretty much organise the same way! It’s nice seeing other people are as ridiculously organised!

(Steve) #3

Glad to hear I’m not alone! I think we might be in the minority however. Slight tangent to the main thread, but have you found any good ways to automate the process since IFTTT integration was announced? I’ve yet to find a way that works for me personally but would be interested to hear any ways others have improved similar setups

(Rich Rigby) #4

This is exactly the way I manage things too! I manage the majority of the family budget, and with so many things (or children, or pets) needing money, this method forces me to manage things actively. I literally move money out of a pot into my main balance mere moments before I make a transaction, so I have to decide what part of the budget is going to cover a purchase.

Due to this my summary always says “You’re going to run out of money!” :frowning:

I’d like to see the option to include specific pots in the pulse graph as well as the summary though. At the moment it always jumps up to a given value and then immediately flat-lines back at zero, rather than showing me a nice trend through the month.

Please think about developing this option - Hopefully not too difficult to implement and would be really helpful for control freaks :slight_smile: