Select pots to include in Summary

I’m a balance £0 kinda guy, and I like to keep my money in pots. I don’t like however constantly being told I’m running or will run out of money in red letters.

Obviously if you included all pots in Summary, it’d throw it way off and be inaccurate if you have savings accounts etc, with money you wouldn’t consider part of your budget.

Would a simple solution for this be being able to select which pots to include in your Summary total?

My pots look like this

  • Daily :white_check_mark:
  • Groceries :white_check_mark:
  • Outgoing :white_check_mark:
  • Shortfall :white_check_mark:
  • Insurance
  • Savings

All of the ones with a tick, if I could check a box to include those in my summary - it may give a more accurate representation of my budget for the month.

Interesting but for me this goes against the whole concept of pots.

Pot’s for me are for my savings, bills etc. I don’t include any of these in my “left to spend” because I use that more to manage my day to day non committed spends, nights out etc.

So I, personally, dont see the value of this, but would be super interested to see what others thought

Under those circumstances I guess you wouldn’t select any pots for inclusion in the calculation, assuming I understand the suggestion correctly.

For me, this has some merit only because I put the money for some of the big expenses into an interest bearing pot for a couple of weeks each month. Thus I always see a £0 balance until about 5 days before payday. I think this would handle that quite well.

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In this example then, isn’t the amount left in your Groceries pot synonymous to what your budget says you have left to spend on groceries? I see this as as a budget with extra steps.