Scheduled Pots considered in Summary


TL;DR, Is it possible for scheduled pot transfers to be used for the data in summary?

Because I am bad at controlling my spending, I have my spending allowances set aside in a pot and automatically transfer on two occasions each week through ‘scheduled pots’.
This setup means I have a relatively low amount of money in the amount each week, as my monthly allowance is kept separately. This means for the first half of each month Summary is convinced I’ll run out of money until the transfer triggers.
Can summary be changed to take into account it knows there are multiple transfers into the account from a pot before the summary month starts (payday)

I hope that makes sense.

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I’ve seen this a few times around the forums and I’ve even considered suggesting it myself but I’m never quite sure how it would work.

The summary is monthly based and tells you if you’ll run out of money before the next pay month. If you were to get a weekly allowance (or are intact weekly paid) it then needs to tell you when you’ll run out of money weekly? Do you need to know if the money you have available now - committed spendingv this week - average spending rate will leave you overdrawn before the next transfer?

If that’s true then it’s got to take into account bills which generally are monthly. It starts the sounds like it’s getting messy :neutral_face:

Maybe I’m just over thinking this…

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Would also love this. Summary accounts for “committed spend”, but doesn’t consider a pot transfer a “spend” (or credit) until it’s happened - then it readjusts because your balance just changed. If you schedule an outbound standing order/direct debit, it’s subtracted right away because it “knows” you’ve said it’s going to happen - a scheduled/repeating pot transfer in or out should do exactly the same as anything else it knows will affect your balance.

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